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09-27-2011, 08:51 AM
Hello, I am 19 years old from southeastern Wisconsin. I started my lawn business right out of high school. this will be my 2 year going into it. I recently just bought: 12ft galvanized trailer, ECHO blower, ECHO Trimmer, ECHO chainsaw, Cub cadet STLX54 lawn tractor, Cub Cadet push mower. (i know not many lawn care companies use lawn tractors for mowing but that's what i could afford at the moment without being so far into debt.) It does have a nice cut. Do they make a stripper for that? Does using a lawn tractor throw off potential customers? all together i spent around 7,000 on equipment. I have 10 mowing clients right now. All residential. I was late on advertising this year due to not knowing if i wanted to do this or not. I really need help with getting new customers. I have tried newspaper ad's and that is about it. I have done a few mulching jobs throughout the year. This is not my full time job yet but i would like it to be. I really enjoy doing this and plan to get bigger and have better equipment. I just ordered 2,000 postcards that i had made. Does anyone know how successful they can be? I talked to one landscape company and they said they do that every year.

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Ryan Osmann

09-27-2011, 01:47 PM
Hi Ryan - I think you will find several useful threads on Lawnsite that will give you information on anything from shared experiences with direct mail and door hangers to what is best to include on your advertisement. If you have any questions about direct mail or want information on our popular Band-It Stick-It Door Hangers & Stick-It postcards just let me know. You can request free samples at www.AdeasPrinting.com/free-samples. Our pricing is very cost effective & we offer many specials that include free custom design.

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