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another before

11-08-2002, 03:38 AM
OK, this seems to be getting screwed up somehow, the pics are getting posted backwards and I seem to have lost one ...??

The first pic I posted ...AFTER

Expert Lawns
11-08-2002, 07:18 AM
looks great! neat, clean and professional. how long did it take? what did ya use? how many men?

thanks for sharing :D

Bill Davis
11-08-2002, 08:08 AM
the stander looks really cool with the lights on it. Do you get pretty dusty mulching leaves on that thing though??

11-08-2002, 08:38 AM
looks great to me, are you useing doubles?

11-08-2002, 09:50 AM
Using the Stander pictured with discharge chute cutoff plate on for the fronts and an Exmark Metro with much kit for the backs, one set of high lift Gators (would prefer regular lift for less blow out, but everyone is sold out) . Just me and a helper, done in two passes and maybe a third if there was a little windrow in a few areas after the second pass. Maybe took an extra 25 minutes between the both houses and that includes taking the time to blow up the curbs and walks/drive prior to mulching and the mulching time. I would break that down into an extra 5 minutes per house to blow first and 7 1/2 minutes per for mulching. The blowing would have to be done either way, and you could easily use an extra 5-7 minutes or so for dumping the catchers and loading the barrels into the truck, but this way I don't have to take the time or have the added expense of going to the dump. I think they look pretty good ... honestly.

Oh, and NO - I really don't get too dusty on the Stander, if they were a bit heavier and it was a little gusty, maybe, but never a bad ordeal with dust.

11-08-2002, 10:32 AM
That is some great before and after pictures! I really like your work. Thank you for taking the time to share the good results!


11-08-2002, 12:31 PM
Does look good. Only qualm I have is that 90% of the leaves are still in the trees. Show us some before and after pics when the leaves are 12 inches deep.

11-08-2002, 03:06 PM
Did you charge more for the extra time or did you consider it part of your regular service? The only reason I ask is that I have a customers lawn who has the same leaf build up and about the same ammount on the trees. I am tryingt to figure out if I should spread teh fall clean up over 4 mows or just charge one lump sum.


11-08-2002, 04:05 PM
No, I usually do not charge any extra if there is not a tremendous amount of leaves. I usually cut trim and blow these two props, which are across the street from each other in about 25-30 min. thruout the season, never taking a blade of grass away, so if it takes me an extra few minutes a couple of times in the fall to mulch the leaves as opposed to spending the time dumping catchers and loading the debris into the truck, plus saving me the time and expense of dumping ... it isn't going to hurt me. I get paid well enough on most of my accounts that I really should be picking up every week all season long.
BTW, I would not offer to mulch several times in place of a clean-up, I do it so I don't have to take away the light stuff, as I have said before, there is a point when mulching will not be efficient time wise or financially and removing the leaves is the fastest and most profitable. That will be starting next week or the week after.

mdb landscaping
11-08-2002, 07:01 PM
so do i have this right? you just keep mowing on a weekly basis, mulching when the leaves start to fall and keep mowing until the large amount of them come down? then do you do full cleanups? just curious how you work that?

Cooper Landscaping
11-08-2002, 07:10 PM
Your machines do a great job with the mulching but im just wondering how well they work when you have leaves say 4" deep? Do you guys do these only for existing customers an you do this weekly or will you do this for anyone who calls no matter how deep the leaves are? Thanks

11-08-2002, 07:34 PM
First, the lawns look great.
But, I don't see how I could get my customers to go for your system. They would just say "why don't you just come once when all the leaves are down rather then charging me for these weekly visits PLUS a final clean up?".

I'de love to make that additional money each week (especially this time of year) but my customers would catch on.

How do you get yours to go for it?

11-08-2002, 09:00 PM
"How do you get yours to go for it?"

I created a newsletter (which I sent to all of my customers) explaining the benefits of leaf mulching and told them that done regularly promotes faster decomposition and keeps the yard looking tidy.

Being that string trimming is finished for the year here, I first grab my EB7000 and blow the hard surfaces and beds...then it's mulch time.

So yeah, I still show up on my appointed day...and put the moolah in pocket.

Nothing more to do as a "final cleanup" unless they want the gutters blown...more $$$.

Last year I was having a bit of a time selling them on "one time final cleanups"....so I took this approach instead. Worked for me.

It helps having a Lazer w/ mulch kit and an awesome blower. It also helps that the leaves are not allowed to get 4' thick before I grind em. :)


I don't do one time cleanups as I'm solo and my time is limited...and I have no desire to run my Lazer through 6" of leaves in uncharted territory. I service my regular clients only. I got tired of doing bids on cleanups last year for one timers...only to see their eyes pop out of their heads. Maybe I need to head to the swanky part of town. ;)

11-08-2002, 09:42 PM
Ok SLS, but that's different then what KLM is doing. He IS getting them for a final clean up on top of the weekly leaf grinding. That's what I'm not sure I could sell.

Now, for your system, do you charge extra for those visits or the same as a regular cut?

11-08-2002, 10:08 PM
WHAT HEIGHT? i had a whole big response ehre,including that i would post my b+ fs, but it got deleted because my picture was too big, i will get them posted to my webiste and link them here monday..
Deck height is the most important thing i believe in mulching, too high= too much blow out.. i mowed at 2.5 today, not bad because most was dormant, but scalped some areas i have never scalped before :( -mike

11-09-2002, 01:12 AM
First, thanks for everyones compliments ...

In regards to cutting height and mulching...
When mulching leaves, you need to lower the deck and raise the blades in order to reduce blowout (basically maintaining the same cutting height, but with the bleades deeper in the deck). The deeper in the deck the blade is, the less blowout and better mulching result.
I usually cut all my lawns at the same height with only minor adjustment thru the season which applies to every lawn.

Spring- 3"
Summer 3 1/4"- 3 1/2"
Late summer - early Fall 3"
Fall (now) 2 3/4"

This is for Blue/Rye/Fecue blends for the most part.

Now, again I will try to explain ...
Yes, I do mulch say up until maybe there has been 25-35% leaf drop, which is about now ... by next week we will be looking at 50 % or more in some areas. I would not even try or expect to mulch 4", 6" or even more of leaves and expect it to come out looking as good as the pick above ... never happen. As I have said, there is a point where you can no longer get a "good" mulch and still be cost and time efficient. I will hit the odd property with little or no trees next week and probably call them done for the season, but the ones with larger trees and more leaves will wait till the third or fourth week in Nov. for a first cleanup of the bulk, and then give them a final going over the first or second week in Dec. I will charge hourly on those, both times. Basically I am mulching as opposed to most guys still going an picking up ... you would still get paid for the cut, but I spend another few minutes mulching the leaves, where the other guys have to pick it all up and then take the time and added expense of going to the dumps. With the time I spend mulching being put up against the time they spend loading and going to the dump, it almost works out to the same thing. It is a matter of choice and preference and when the lawns come out looking the way they do in the pics above, the customers don't care either way. I am still keeping the properties neat in appearance and making money doing it as opposed to sitting at home waiting till all the leaves are down.
I sell it to them on the appearance factor, the benefit of having some organic matter returned to the soil, as well as the point that by doing this it will actually save some time and money when I do the final cleanup(s) by reducing the overall amount of the leaves that need to be remove.