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10-19-2011, 01:31 AM
Recently finished up on a job that included removing ~12yds of old mulch/dirt and installed 6yds of cedar. Rented out a Toro Dingo to help with removal. 2 guys, 10 hours (20 man hours) to complete job. All material was removed from premises and hauled away. Finished job by cleaning up and reseeding tracks left by equipment.

What would you charge and how would you break down invoice?


10-19-2011, 07:23 PM
# of hours x labor rate
amount of waste x diposal rate (per yard)

dingo rental/use

add these together for your total and add applicable sales tax.

I would be over $1,000 for this invoice. I hope they realize it isn't going to be cheap. Wh did they want the old mulch removed? Why not just mulch over it? I always talk the customer out of removing any mulch. Way too much work that I really don't want to do!

Darryl G
10-19-2011, 07:32 PM
Yeah, only time I remove mulch if they're changing colors drastically. Sounds like a heck of a lot of time to do that job but of course I wasn't there. Dingo is kind of slow too...probably would have been better off with a compact utility tractor and then you wouldn't have to be repairing the lawn either.

I'd probably be at $1,500 or more if that's what it took. I'd break it down into labor, material, hauling/disposal, specialty equipment rental, beer and sales tax.

10-20-2011, 02:26 PM
The problem with the customers back yard is that it is small and has a fence around the perimeter. Over years of having mulch added around his fence, the piles started to push parts of his fence out when it would rain. The mulch was 1ft deep all the way around his fence so I need a small dingo that would get into his backyard. He also had black mulch for years and wanted all cedar instead.

I was thinking 6yds x $80yd = $480
Equipment and gas expenses= $260
20hrs Labor x $40hr= $700

Total would be around $1440. Wanted to make sure I was in the right price range here.

Darryl G
10-20-2011, 02:46 PM
Sounds fair to me if you're happy with $40/hr. Hauling disposal fees for the mulch/soil? I wouldn't list gas expense on the invoice though. It's usually considered an overhead item. And umm...I think 20 x 40 is $800, lol