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10-30-2011, 07:15 PM
I am kicking tires on this line and just wanted to get comments from owners of mowers or dealers comments about what they thought.

10-30-2011, 09:15 PM
What model are you looking at?

10-31-2011, 02:33 PM
So far sold nearly 600, been really happy with them. Wish you were closer I would just say come by and grab one for a week or so to really know if you like or not... The company has come a long way in the years it has been in biz. They built 20000+ this year, and for a company to have no dept at all, is pretty amazing. The Outlaw is an amazing machine period, then factor in their pricing structure, a home run for sure. This year they are releasing the Outlaw XP which is basically a mix of the lightning and outlaw, with the Grammer seat upgrade, I don't think anything out there comes close to cut paired with ride, then ease of maintenance, price, factory backing, etc....you can't overlook them now...

10-31-2011, 06:11 PM
Out of those 600 how many have had repairs made and what has been the biggest problem
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10-31-2011, 09:56 PM
Oh wow, not sure, I would say I have seen 50 to 100 so far for regular repairs and maintenance (glancing over quickbooks looks like the oil changes and repairs can't be seperated, but that's prolly a good estimate) . Wheel bearings, idler pullies, spindle bearings, belts, deck adjustments, Carb clean outs, starters, solenoids, oil leaks, throttle cables, choke cables, gas lines cracked, I don't know just normal stuff you normally see as a shop I would guess.... the weird stuff, I had a ton of Kawasaki coils, a couple of diesels had the governors go out, I have seen a couple clutches out of balance new, 2 pumps with leaks brand new, 3 Briggs els motors went out first time being cut with, had 2 guys break their wheel hubs off... 15mph machines getting 1000 a year by hourly employees will go through regular junk waay more than a solo guy or homeowner. I have seen almost everything these past 4 years. the main thing I was dissapointed with over the years, we got a bad run of idlers a couple of times the past 2 years, and apperently Kawasaki got a bad run of coils which ran them out and they were backordered last year... I can say issues mainly arise in the first 20 hours, and then usually in the third year i how I have noticed so far. I would say $100 a year in oh crap stuff put behind every year would cover most, that way you might not use any one year, but something happens unexpected you have a little nest neg. Any lco that asks me what to throw in the tool box for oh crap stuff, extra blades, belts, an idler, set of wheel bearings, some tire plugs, and a grease cap for the front forks... anything else would be better to fix back at the shop or at home, but those are things I could see most guys fixing to get the day finished. We work on all brands of mowers and we don't see anything more unusual than the other brands, what I really like is when there is an issue how easy the Bb's are to access, most other brands take a lot longer for what should be quick jobs. I feel like I will see a lot of the mowers in I sold 4 years ago next season for repairs and refreshing, but so far its just hit and miss and very little repairs... I am the kinda Guy that is preventive though, a lot of the bearings I replace aren't bad yet, just noisy or feel rough, after asking customers if they want to risk tearing up something, or another trip to shop, they always say to go ahead. I want my mowers to feel like new again when they leave the shop (unless customer can't afford too...I have a few that come in with their wheel shaft Wallored out, or their spindle housing ruined because they refuse to replace bearings or grease)...
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