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11-03-2011, 10:28 AM
Here's the debate guys..

I currently have a 1500 pick-up, mower, leaf vac / trailer set up, and 2 other trailers. I have picked up on more landscaping jobs and my ideal dream would be to work for myself. I'm 18 and have a great work ethic. I'm always doing something sun-up to sundown.

Shoudl i get a 2nd truck and set it up for all my landscaping tools and put a plow on it. This way i can get a 2nd trailer to some needed jobs. Not needed much yet but i can forsee it in the future. Also as i am on parents insurance for my truck still they won't allow anyone else to drive my truck so i have to leave the job site to do all the running.


Do i invest in a compact tractor that i can use on landscaping jobs and get into the snow plowing. I currently plow for a guy with his equipment and right now he plows my contracts for me as i do not have the equipment. we could still work together after i get truck or tractor so the busisness will still be there. I shovel all my materials off by hand and wheelborrow them around. I have no dump truck or trailer either.

What would you guys recommend?? John Deere and Kubota's are popular around here. What size engine and are there any glitches in each i need to know about. I would like a fairly hefty load capacity for the loader as if i need to start moving pallets of bricks as you well know they weigh alot. I could always drop 2 rows or even break them all down to half pallets.

Thanks for your help guys!! and if this belongs somewhere else ill move it.

11-04-2011, 01:18 AM
1. if you go the tracktor route, I would upgrade from the 1500, especially if you will use the tractor for any snow removal. That will but a lot of wear and tear on a 1500 and is a lot of weight to tow in snow covered roads.

more importantly, I would check into commercial auto policy. If you are on your parents policy i'm assuming you are under 18. Being on their policy if you get in an accident your parents can and likely will be sued. If isurance finds out you were using the truck for commercial purposes (and they will when the accident report says you were pulling a landscape trailer) they can and most likely will deny your claim, leaving you (your parents) responsible for any damage or injury you cause in an accident. I'm also going to assume if you have no commercial auto insurance then you do not have general liability insurance. What are you going to do if you put a rock through a customers front door or window? What about if you accidently hit a rock and hit hits a neighbors kid in the head? Can you afford tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills? What about if that rock kills the neighbors kid? Can you (your parents) afford that lawsuit

11-04-2011, 02:12 AM
I actually am in the process right now of attaining insurance. I turned 18 recently and over the winter i will be regestering the business and getting busisness insurance. I would mostly be working in my home town where i can just drive the tractor around for snow. That's what I currently do for my "snow boss".

To address the weight issue though, there is not really a problem with it. Whats a 32hp tractor run in weight? If i looked correctly its around 1700. I pull fourwheelers for the weekend outings that weigh more than that. I've been to TN 2 times and WV 1 time. I also haul loads of materials weighing in at 3 tons or more. I think my 1500 will do just fine.

It comes down to this problem really. Im stuck of getting a truck to pull the tractor or the tractor to have to pull behind the truck. I don't have enough to get both.

Thanks for the comment and assistance.


JCLawn and more
11-04-2011, 06:22 AM
ok, If your looking at a 32hp kubota with a loader it will be about 20 grand. I personally recommend kubota over everyone else simply because they build the whole machine unlike deere or any of the others. The 32hp kubota is about 1800 lbs. A half ton is fine. That is what i use. I pull a 2200 lbs 18ft trailer, a 1750 lbs kubota zd326 mower, and a 1600 lbs woods mower at the same time. Thats 5500 lbs. Stopping is an issue sometimes because my truck is not wired for trailer breaks. My kubota mower is a 26hp diesel and I would go no smaller is you ever need muscle. Not saying its under powered at all, I can smoke 8 inch high grass at 11 mph, but if you use that pto for like a stump grinder or something you will be glad to get more hp. And as far as the insurance is was cheaper for me to drop my parents insurance at 19 and get commercial. Also you can't even get business insurance till your 18 so go easy here. As far snow plowing it would work even if you had to haul it around. What I am doing this winter because I don't have 4 wheel drive truck is hauling my 1750 lbs mower to plow driveways. It should work. You can do the same thing. Its going to be handy because it will have a 64inch blade and I can do side walks in a hurry as well as drive ways. That tractor would push serious snow. My thought on the truck is that I doubt you need it right now. If you think you need the tractor, try to get it and then get a cheap truck later. By the way, i'm 20 and kind of going through the same issues. Next year I am hoping to spend 20-25 grand on a 3/4 dodge truck with a 10ft blizzard power plow.

11-05-2011, 07:28 PM
Thanks for the help. I was in the same kind of mind set. Im getting trailer brakes wired and looking at putting air bags on the truck so it doesn't sag when i put heavy loads on it.

Theres a 95 2500 gas 5.7 4wd chevy for sale with 135000 for 1700 that used to be a plow truck. the guy selling says that he bought it just for the plow. i was going to get it but a couple of guys i talked to says that that trucks been used n abused. i went to dad for advice and he says not to buy a trk unless plows already on it. but he is thinking the same as i am. buy tractor then truck. thanks for the info on the kubota, i was guessing on how big of one i needed based on the one i use for the guy who i plow with. his is slightly smaller. but thanks for the reasurrance that i got the right one.

would you buy a used one that in the 90's range? its a different model number but still 32hp. it has a glide transmission? is that the one where you have to stop and shift from fwd to rev and also select what gear? so like an old stick shift kinda?

were going to run the options on insurance and look whats cheaper either way.

thanks for the help guys. more input from others would be awesome!!

JCLawn and more
11-05-2011, 07:45 PM
You can get coil over shocks for your truck or add a leaf spring for the weight. Way simpler than an air bag. Coil over shocks will give a better ride with no load. The only thing I know about early 90's kubotas are that the small diesels are not direct injection and that means way less torque. The difference in power between the old and new engines are night and day.
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11-05-2011, 08:14 PM
kk so i want a newer Kubota, and i was going with the air bags with compressor all on truck. going to run about 300. This way, i can run empty to get materials and have a smoothe ride, then pump up when i get loaded.

JCLawn and more
11-05-2011, 08:21 PM
Ya, I think I am going to do coil overs next year. The spring does not kick in until its compressed so far. You could get an older one but you may want more HP. I would talk to a dealer on it.
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11-06-2011, 04:11 AM
JC- whats your opinion on the second truck.

The one i was/am looking at is a Chevy (req) 2500, 1995, 4WD, 135000 miles, and the owner bought it for the plow on it. He's asking 1700. Talked to a guy i know and he said its been used rough but its cheap. Dad's not a half bad mechanic so thats not a problem. Its a second truck and could always have a plow put on it once again. Right now the only reason im interested is its the 2500 and cheap. I've looked at it and its not a bad truck but has rust in the typical areas. Whats your opinion. Go for it and have the options for adding a plow later while haveing the power now or wait till i find a truck for sale with plow on it?

JCLawn and more
11-06-2011, 11:01 AM
How cheap?
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11-06-2011, 11:46 AM
Well when i talked to him he said he wanted to get rid of it cheap, around 1700 or 1800. I Kelly Blue Booked it and for the fair condition, where i think it fits best, is booking at 3500.

I was thinking down the road i could take the regular bed off, put a one ton axel under it (theres a lot of junk yards that i could get it cheap) add a few leaf springs, and put a dump bed on it. Thats all and idea and i haven't checked if it would be compatiable.

JCLawn and more
11-06-2011, 11:54 AM
You could get both.
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11-06-2011, 03:36 PM
I thought that too. Trouble is convincing dad and mom (their pratically my financial advisors) because they want me to pay off a student loan and mower loan first.

JCLawn and more
11-06-2011, 04:07 PM
I would agree. Its not good to be in debt over your head.
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