View Full Version : Gm CARD

02-03-2012, 11:02 AM
For those that have one or use it - kiinda a joke.

I dont understand why you cant use more of the money on the card instead of being limited to $1500 or so on a truck.

My wife has a card, used very little. They topped her card off at $2000. She has $1500 on it. Received a letter saying if not used by Feb 28 2012, all money will be forfeited - I assume to GM or someone in the card industry. My card has so much on it that I would hate to tell ya.

So I also checked at trading - 2011 D-max GMC SLT pgk crew cab to a new truck - all three dealers I checked with want $12k to trade. Last time I traded 3yrs for $14K. What a joke really.