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02-10-2012, 03:49 PM
So I ordered Aeration Post Cards today that I made through Tangoprint.com

I bought 2500 uv post cards, 5"x7", extra thick, glossy, color on front and back.

I am trying something different....instead of handout a business card, I've made this aeration postcard (wording off of my website) to be eye catching, harder to lose (since it larger in size), listing my fair prices for this area, and I put a QR Code that if you scan with a smart phone (bar code reading software) it will take you to my mobile lite site on aeration.

Through Google Analytics I will be able to track my website hits to my mobile website hits and see if my QR Code helps send traffic to my mobile website (in hopes of getting more business).

So tell me what do you think?

I've ordered business cards from Tangoprint.com and I thought they were easy to deal with and they have a great product at a fair price too.

02-10-2012, 07:55 PM
Everyone must be out tonight for Friday Nite Fish Fry. :rolleyes:

02-10-2012, 07:57 PM
Kind of hard to read to me, but it could be my old eyes.

(no fish for me :cry::cry::cry: )

02-10-2012, 08:04 PM
i like the website

02-10-2012, 08:11 PM

Yeah I know the copies of the aeration postcards are a little small...wasn't too sure one how big they were going to turn out once I posted them on Lawnsite.

I guess I usually sit too close to the computer....lol.

02-10-2012, 10:10 PM
Nice equipment. Nice website. Some people, especially women who are socially-minded, want to see people in the ads, no interest in your equipment. Chances are they think that expensive aerator is a lawn mower. Many homeowners do not understand why they need aeration or what benefits they will receive.

"After aeration you can spread seed, lime or fertilizer." Shouldn't you say, "We can spread seed, lime or fertilizer. Expert optional applications at a new low price."

Recall "Flo" the girl from the Progressive Insurance ad. Attractive and spellbinding to both men and women. Take advantage of an opportunity to inform your prospects that you also offer lawn mowing.

Just my opinion. Let us know how your cards work.

02-10-2012, 11:02 PM
Great ideas RigglePLC!!! I list seeding and fertilizing after aeration. Mowing I have my accounts, but I am mainly going after aeration since there is a huge market in my surrounding area.

I'm waiting to post the BillyGoat Hyro Seeder (just snowed here today) in my pictures and thinking of adding another page to spread things out some on the website.

Thanks again RigglePLC for your comments!!!

The great thing about Lawnsite is once you think you have everything figured out, someone has another good idea that they share with you and keeps the wheels turning with new thoughts and ideas!!!

02-11-2012, 08:44 AM
I still haven't figured out how those codes work for Iphone.. lol

But cool overall looking card!

02-11-2012, 12:32 PM
Thanks JFGauvreau!

If you ever want to make a QR Code...they are easy. I went to http://www.qrstuff.com/

You have a choice of a few different options on what you want you QR Code to do: go to a website, link a phone number, scan the QR Code and link it to an ad showing your sales, etc.

Plus you can make tee-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, fliers, etc with your QR Code.

My friend Kirk Brown made one for the back of his truck on his tailgate, so the people behind him can scan it with their phone why they are waiting at a light. It's easier than trying to write a number.

Exact Rototilling
02-11-2012, 01:07 PM
I have to book "E myth revisited" ...according to the author sales are best made bypassing the conscious mind. That's not how I make my decisions to buy a product. I'm technical. I want facts and figures and performance.

So yes showing happy people and dogs on a lawns says look they all look like happy campers. I want happy times on my lawn. That's why those big national Co use that angle.

Aeration marketing is tough when done as a stand alone. My experience is most want power raking and.dethatching ...."no no no...Mr lawn man...." I want that.ikky dry dead grass scrubed out of my lawn. That is something they can see.

Anyhow I have lots of ideas for this season.
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