View Full Version : Enclosed trailer, how big?

02-26-2012, 10:46 AM
How long of a trailer do I need (suggestions)? I have 2 scags 61" and a gravely ztr 48". I am wanting to buy an enclosed trailer? Any suggestions on this. Any regrets about certain things after you bought an enclosed. I have some large apts contracts I am afraid of leaving things on my current angle iron trailer for an entire day while we are on the opposite side of property for example. I was thinking about a gooseneck 18'er.

02-26-2012, 10:57 AM
what size is your open trailer? if its a 16 then go to a 20ft or 24 ft better re sale $ for that sizes longer trailer & truck takes longer place to park.

02-26-2012, 11:00 AM
6x14 ( I built it years ago)

02-26-2012, 11:02 AM
With your 3 mowers go with a 8.5x24 , never hurts to have room to grow.

02-26-2012, 11:04 AM
2 brakes or 4?

02-26-2012, 11:06 AM
but you will need a 3/4 ton truck to pull it a 1/2 will not work

02-26-2012, 11:13 AM
i have both 3/4 and 1/2

02-26-2012, 11:15 AM
is the ford 3/4 4x4, is that essentially a 1 ton by the time you add all the 4x4 stuff? I know the 1/2 4x4 has some 3/4ton things

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02-26-2012, 04:30 PM
For your mowers i would say go 24'. I have a 8.5x24 and my three mowers just BARELY fit. So for me i should of gone with a 26 or 28'. Once you decide to go with a 8.5 wide enclosed, it doesn't cost much more to go a couple extra feet longer.

02-26-2012, 04:33 PM
can you have a side door on the trailer to run ( for example the 48") up in there sideways? I had this consideration as well.Or is that not something usually done with enclosed like they do on Open...

02-26-2012, 11:43 PM
YES they have a side door. my 24 has a 4ft side door:cool2:

02-27-2012, 06:34 PM
as big as you can afford and fit on your yards and home. you can never have to much space. you will soon find out when you get it gome small a trailer can become when you add stuff to the walls and mowers on the floor. i wish i would have gotten the 8.5 instead of 7 lol.

02-28-2012, 02:28 PM
go big or go home......theres alot of people out there that wish they had gone bigger....The side door is a sweat option....and depending on where you go but when i was pricing them out here in pa theres a few places if your building a custom that are willing to throw that in for free.