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03-01-2012, 09:23 PM
Well first off, Im a 20 yr old full time college student and this season
will be my 4th yr in the green industries. I have my business license but that is all. I am needing to know what other legalities I need to have to do the work I offer. Basically I mow 40 res. accounts, trim hedges, and minor installs. I have a truck, trailer, two exmarks, and all the handheld goodies. If asked I will do other things like cut trees, trim trees, pressure wash, etc... I was wondering if there would be anything else needed to be official in TN. And what kind of insurance policies to get and so forth. Any advice would be very appreciated.

knox gsl
03-01-2012, 09:28 PM
You may want to look into insurance to cover yourself, but it sounds like you have a good little business. What are you near? Smith County?

03-01-2012, 10:16 PM
30 miles east of Lebanon and 30 miles west of cookeville on I-40. Like insurance for equipment?
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knox gsl
03-01-2012, 10:21 PM
I have a policy for my business that covers my liability on a customers property up to $1million and then an inland marine portion that covers my equipment up to $25,000 with replacement cost and then a liability policy on my work truck.