View Full Version : tree/shrub removal

green jeans 509
03-02-2012, 12:17 AM
I had somebody ask for a bid today for removing some trees/shrubs usually I stick with lawn mowing but since I was asked and it would be a way to make some money i'm curious as to what I should charge. The i'll call tree's are about 8x8x8 kinda rounded he wants 4 of them removed he said he would do it himself but his wife has seen my work and was impressed but also there's a brick pillar between the tree's and he doesn't want to break it. I'm new to this type of removal work i'd probably hook a chain up and yank'em out with my truck but not sure whats the safest way to do it also maybe ballpark of what to charge I was thinking charging hourly but I hate telling people hourly rates cause they think i'm getting rich off them. Any help would be great thank you