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JJ Lawn
08-10-2000, 09:20 AM

What am I doing wrong with the clock settings? I thought that I had it set by putting in -5 hrs in the profile setup. Something changed and posted time got messed up.
Went back to profile and put in 1 hr difference and that worked for a while. Now it is screwed up again. Can you give me a hint. It is really no big deal, but the right time setting does give you a feel that you are posting to current messages.

It is now 7:17 AM (central)

AB Lawn Care
08-11-2000, 12:08 AM
You would think that the clock setting would be one of the easier things to set up.Oh well you can't have a perfect site:)

Eric ELM
08-11-2000, 12:29 AM
It is easy to set up. Go to your profile and set it for what ever time zone your in. If your in Central, put -5, Eastern -4, you get the picture.

08-11-2000, 01:22 AM
no the time thing is still messed up. if i post something at 10pm it says something like 2:00am for my post. then when i go and tyr to change something it won't let me. oh wellmaybe next time

08-11-2000, 01:43 AM
Test...changed mine it's now 12:44 am

It worked!!!

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08-11-2000, 01:51 AM
Time Test 12:53 am fri.

08-11-2000, 07:22 AM
I have the computer literacy of a sack of rocks, and my clock is set fine.

08-11-2000, 11:14 AM
The directions are written wrong for setting your clock. It should say to offset your hours from Greenwich Mean Time not Eastern Time. Now mine should work. Thanks Eric.