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04-21-2012, 12:09 AM
I am looking to get a 12 foot trailer and am wondering what I can fit on it in terms of equipment. I would like to be able to fit 2 60in walkbehinds or one walkbehind and a ztr.

Any ideas on if these will fit?


The Grounds Crew
04-21-2012, 12:16 AM
It's as basic as lining up the equipment and measuring it from one end to the other and see how long it is. Rule of thumb. Always get two feet larger on a trailer as it will save you a lot in the future. Make sure that you get a trailer that can handle those large machines. You might even wan't a tandem axle if you plan on using that equipment.

04-21-2012, 12:35 AM
Thanks for the advice. Do you think that there would be a need for tandem axles on this trailer? If a ztr weighs 1300 at the most and then a walkbehind weighs less than 700 i will be under the gross weight of the trailer. My route is rather small so the miles on it will be low.

The Grounds Crew
04-21-2012, 12:39 AM
Most 6x12 single axle trailers have a gross weight of about 2,500 to 3,000 lbs so you will be fine. But if you ever want to haul other tools and/or material you might want to go larger. But in your case you will do just fine with a single. Just make sure to look at specs before you buy it.

04-21-2012, 12:47 AM
I have been looking at different trailers and most 6.5 * 12 trailers have 3500 axle and a capacity of 3000. I figured I can carry about 4 yards of mulch at a time which is fine for me cause its either about 4 yards or 10 there's no in between.

Do you think that a walkbehind and ztr will fit? I can measure out 2 walkbehinds but i don't have a ztr to measure out for the trailer.

04-21-2012, 03:31 AM
I would buy bigger...i have a 14 footer and put a z and a walkbehind on it and wish i had more space. I got my trailer as a freebie from my father inlaw and after this season, its first with me will be looking to go to a bigger size next year.
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Lawn Pawn
04-21-2012, 10:53 AM
I would mark the trailer dimensions on the ground... and arrange your equipment within to see how it fits.
Last tandem axle trailer I bought was only $50 more for 2ft. longer!

Single axle pulls a little easier.... but a tandem pulls a little more stable.
My opinion anything over 12ft. would be better off going tandem unless your only hauling leaves or mulch.

04-21-2012, 11:28 AM
I would buy bigger...i have a 14 footer and put a z and a walkbehind on it and wish i had more space. I got my trailer as a freebie from my father inlaw and after this season, its first with me will be looking to go to a bigger size next year.
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I agree. I really wish I had made the right decision when I upgraded from my 5x8 to a 6x10. Stupid move on my part, but I needed that little extra space to fit the walk behinds. I need a 16ft trailer now, and am stuck in a crappy situation, and now need to sell my 2 small trailers int he middle of cutting season.
You will be dissapointed when you start getting large leaf clean-up and mulching jobs, not to mention fitting the mowers. And there is no need for tandem axles on a 12ft trailer really. I really suggest at least a 14ft trailer for you my friend. Trust me

And yes, you should be able to fit them. I had fit a 48' and a 36' walk behing in a 5x8, sideways

04-21-2012, 06:10 PM
They will fit but just barely. ZTR is 7' and the frame, wheels, and deck of the WB is about 5'. the handle bars will be in your lap when you load though. When i bought the 14footer was only $100 more so i just went with that. Glad I did.

knox gsl
04-21-2012, 06:31 PM
14' tandem axle and brakes on both axles would be a great choice and get a well built one not the cheapest. If you grow your business you'll appreciate having the extra room alot. I have a 16' and 2 WB mowers and run out of trailer often. Yesterday I was able to leave the house with one mower wheel barrows and all the hand tools needed for a mulch job. I stopped and picked up my mulch and then proceeded to my first property. Mowed the lawn, cleaned the beds out, and then installed mulch. I then went and mowed 4 more lawns and after that, on my way to the last 3 properties of the day stopped by the supply yard picked up 3 yards of compost and top dressed a lawn before mowing the last 2 properties of the day. If I had a smaller trailer this could not have been done in one day and would've cost me more in drivetime and fuel, something to consider as a small operation that is only using one truck/trailer setup. TIME IS MONEY!

04-21-2012, 06:47 PM
With a 12foot I've fit 3 tractors and one wb zturn or 2 walkbehinds (48") and a few push mowers. As you grow you WILL need a bigger trailer.

04-21-2012, 10:38 PM
I worked at a trailer mfg company for about 5 yrs and EVERY trailer model will weigh a diff amount depending on the metal make-up of trailer. There are A LOT of places that build trailer out of total angle iron which is less weight but it also less trailer. Very flimsy and many models will wobble when going down the road. You can test that by standing at one of the corners when trailer is empty and push up/down hard repeatedly and the weaker ones will flex.

Look for something that has some type of sturdy top rail (tubin or pipe) bc it really doesn't stiffen the trailer up. If you pic out a trailer with a side gait, make sure the tongue of trailer is a heavier 3x4 angle iron or 3"channel for single axles or 4x5 angle or 5" channel on the bigger 2 axle models. THIS is when you need to take your trailer by a weigh station and weigh it EMPTY and NOT attached to truck either. I have a 6x12 single axle (no brake) with 15" sides and tubing top rail (2"x3" tubing" that weighed 980# itself. I run 1-48" exmark, 2 - push mowers, DTP toolbox, misc tools and 2 sets of trimmer racks and that trailer is full. Just remember that a 14' trailer would add 100+/- lbs more.

****** and remember, just because your trailer has a 5 lug wheel does not mean its a 3500# axle. Many have a 2000# or 2500# axle. That axle has to carry ALL the weight , which includes the trailer itself and anything you put on it. Several ppl don't realize that and think their 6x12 or 14 trailer only weighs 600#s. It's simple, GO WEIGH IT !!!!!

You could very well run a 36" walk behind and ztr on a 6x12. Two riders would just have to be attempted to really know bc one mowers front wheels would technically overlap the footprint of first machine (hard to explain it). Just have to try it. Their are times I wish I had a 14 foot trailer but there are more of when I'm glad I have just a 12' trailer.

Good luck. :usflag:

Lawn Pawn
04-21-2012, 11:01 PM
Havok.... You posted about cheap trailers.

I purchased a used 7x12 tilt bed off Crag's List for $900. All angle iron and it flexed in every direction like a limp dick. Pulled down the road empty swaying back and forth about six inches side to side.

EVERY hole in the trailer was hacked out with a gas ax.... all wires run through the ragged holes no harness, no nothing. Trailer was not even square corner to corner.

I did sturdy it up with bracing and ran tubes for all the wires. Rewelded many of the joints, etc etc. It did serve my purpose well for a Winter beater.

I looked up this trailer on the manufactures website and it sells new for $670.00!!!!!! Does not even include a plug-in for the wires, that is $1.50 extra. Flooring is spaced wide and not treated.

All in all for the money a great trailer.... IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR GETTIING!!! No it is not a border town trailer either. No I will not say the manufacturer.

Kelly's Landscaping
04-22-2012, 08:51 AM
We have a 6.5 x 12 foot tandem 7000gvw which cost us 2000+ and by my standards is a piece of junk. A big step up form a big tex but ewwww ill be making my own in the future. I just got my friend to spend a day with me under it replacing the wiring. Nice heavy duty 7 way cable with 3 junction boxes one at each key point we put the wires through the the angle iron frame underneath plus 100% led lights now. And grounded her the way she was meant to have been thus fixing most of her problems and increasing the brightness 20 fold. The original manufacture pequea actually put some cheap single wires down the length under the boards so each cross member crushed them and wore on them so when you had an issue you'd never find it. The connections were ever worse some sort of clip box with a sharp edge in it that cut into the wire when shut forming you so called connection. The welds held up but the gates sure didn't. Iv had to replace and weld on new expanded metal on both gates and I am often shocked by the amount of landscapers that are not able to do welding in house. And how do I know this by their trailer gates with pieces of ply wood covering holes in their gates that look like the run ways of unfortunate ww2 carriers after being bombed.

Now we settled for this trailer we needed one for a second crew asap and this was on the trailer yard. They told us 10 weeks for a 14fter and my partner who had never driven a trailer was terrified at the thought of a 16fter or bigger thus I caved and bought this. What we fit in her is amazing its wall to wall mower with about 1 inch to spare. First we load our exmark TTHP 36 it has a stand-on version of the velky on the back and we have to come in then cut and turn it then back up and forth and work her into the front touching the front rails sideways. Once that's done comes the exmark lazer 52 with a track vac system which makes that mower 9 feet long. That goes in and touches the side of the 36 and shes loaded we used to keep a 21 on their too in the small pocket not used but the 52 would tend to eat her as we drove.

04-22-2012, 01:49 PM
Thanks everyone for your advice. I may look at a larger trailer, I will post pictures when I buy one this week.