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12-22-2002, 07:44 AM
Kawasaki Recall Bulletin PP 02-05

Fuel Tube Abrasion Damage


FD671D --AS00, AS01 --------------------000001 thru 006964

FD711D --AS00 ----------------------------000001 thru 000036

FD750D --AS00, AS01, AS02 -------------000001 thru 020851
AS04, AS05, AS06

On eligible engines, vibration of the machine during operation may result in abrasion wear to the fuel tube where it contacts the coolant reservoir tank.

The repair consists of two steps, installing a new fuel tube with a protective cover over the tube, and installing a clamp with a plastic cover to hold the fuel tube in place.

parts needed: FD Fuel Tube Kit 99916-2166