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gene gls
08-13-2000, 11:45 PM
MOW ED: I used it today,works good!!I have a couple of BUGS in it. One front tire won\\\'t swivel on the grass and if I pick it all the way up it blows a fuse.I think I need to make some adjustments.With all the rain we have had the hard ground isn\\\'t as hard as durning normal season. It makes holes the size of my little finger,in good ground I could put my finger in all the way, in the hard ground the hole was about 1 1/2\\\" deep.The fingers throw the dirt evenly when they come out of the ground.The heads will kick up if they hit a rock or solid object. I did find that a small stone or stick will get lodged between the finger and housing causeing the head to bounce on top of the ground. I ran it about the same speed as when mowing(on good ground),I slowed down on the hard ground.It puts a strain on the mower frame when going around a corner with the unit down. It leaves a much neater looking job than a pluger.

For the cost and what it will do I think its worth it. There is room for improvements in the design but then again maybe with more heads the power unit would not be able to handle the extra force to push the unit.I would like to see a faster reaction time in the electric motor for rasing and lowering the heads.I have six more properties lined up at present so that should give me a better idea of what I can and can\\\'t do...If you have any other questions let me know..

08-14-2000, 06:33 PM
Thanks Gene,
I've been out of town for a few days and was pleased to hear your results. I'm in the process of lining up aeration jobs for the fall and it looks like I have to decide what to do. Thanks again for keeping me in mind.