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07-06-2012, 12:07 PM
Here is one we did this spring

07-06-2012, 12:16 PM
hahah yup
i will get the afters up

07-06-2012, 12:25 PM
ok i need help every pic says Failed

knox gsl
07-06-2012, 02:17 PM
looks very natural

07-06-2012, 02:31 PM
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07-07-2012, 09:02 AM
are you trying to upload multiples at once? I've never had problems. One thing you can try is put the photos into iPhoto then export them (select them once again, and chose export)
now choose medium size and medium quality
pick a folder or put them on the desktop and save then upload to lawn site. I've never had a problem so far, though LS could have been having server problems for you.

White Gardens
07-07-2012, 09:09 AM
Regardless of the after photos, I'd love to have a natural out-cropping to work with like that.