View Full Version : Experiment with $29.95 12" electric trimmer.

07-12-2012, 10:50 AM
I needed a small tool for a small job, to trim weeds from paver cracks in a small area.

I have a Craftsman 4 Amp dual spool trimmer with 0.065" line.

The tool is useless as designed!

The short 65 line would immediately break.

I removed the guard and I let out 12" of a single line.

The darn thing worked like a charm and the line never wore out.

In addition, with only 1 line there is much less wind and almost no throwback.

I was amazed.

(I follow the trim with Pramitol 25 but new weeds always return. Sealing is not an option)

The 12" Craftsman trimmer is now a dual spooled 24" electric trimmer running a single line at 9,000 rpm with the second spool available as needed.

The linear speed at the 12" tip is extremely fast.

The extra length seems to give a lot of flexibility and it lasts forever.