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01-08-2003, 12:16 AM
Does anyone have an equation or some way to figure out how many yards of mulch to use on a job?? Or, do you just eye ball and guess? Any info would be great! Do you measure the beds?? If so, then what?? I have been guessing and so far so good but I am working on a large job and would appreciate any info..

01-08-2003, 12:19 AM
If you do a search on "mulch" there are several threads that have links to nurseries with calculators for determining how much product you will need based on application depths and bed sizes.

There are also many that explain some of the best ways for determining how to properly measure your beds, etc. etc.

Best of luck!!!

Fantasy Lawns
01-08-2003, 12:20 AM

Measure the beds .... than use the calculator with the type of mulch

01-08-2003, 12:26 AM
I remember that one now. Thanks Steve!!!

Actually had it bookmarked once and then it got wiped out -LOL!!!

Was trying to remember where/which site Id seen it, and didnt want to have to fess up to not being tidy in the office all the time -LOL!!!

01-08-2003, 12:43 AM
I have found that if the linear feet of the bed is divided by the width of a 2 cubic yard bag of mulch then divided by 2 and the average depth of the bed is divided by the length of the bag and subsequently divided by 2, the sum of these two calculatoins will give you adequate material on hand to create an uncompacted layer of mulch to a depth between 3-4 inches. Initially I quoted an additional 10% to be paid if needed just to cover my bases. I reduced it to 5% and now just quote what I come up with. I devised this before formulas were on mulch bags and before moving into the 20th century with internet access. We don't use bulk mulch anymore because of the extra labor and the Gestapo like homeowner associations that ticket residents if the mulch is not entirely dumped on the driveway. Also if you happen to get a Texas turd floater a good potion of the mulch may be found at the end of the street or further if there is a continous downhill grade.

01-08-2003, 07:05 AM
Thanks for the website, it has helped out tremendously!!

01-08-2003, 07:31 AM
One yard will cover 200sf @ 2" depth. With Regards... devildog

01-08-2003, 07:34 AM
yes that site is very helpful...I do boatloads of mulch installtion and what I have found works well in the field and is ez to remember is this: Measure the bed sq. footage. Most formulas say that 1 yard of mulch will cover about 115 sg ft 3 inches deep....for simplicity I say it covers a 100 sq ft.
Example:: total sq ft of all the beds equals 900.
900 / 100 = 9 yrds of mulch. But often 3 inches is not needed or should not be applied (too much mulch is a VERY BAD thing)

so if you put down only 1 inch, then you are using two thirds less so reduce the 9 yrds needed by two thirds ...again this is not as precise as the actual formulas but I use it all the time to order more on the job site and it works for me

01-08-2003, 08:50 AM
That site will help alot, very interesting, like said before, this site makes this business a lot easier:cool:

cutting edge
01-08-2003, 10:26 AM
Try lawnsite.com. ;)


01-08-2003, 07:04 PM
On a basic rectangle or square bed L x W= sq.ft.

then sq.ft X

.09 for 1 in.
.13 for 1.5 in
.17 for 2 in.
.25 for 3 in.
.33 for 4 in.

divide that total by 27 to equal cu. yds.

one 2 cu.ft. bag will cover approx. 8 sq.ft @ 3 in. thick
1 cu. yd covers approx. 108 ft @ 3 in.

it will take 13.5 of the 2 cu.ft bags to make one cu. yd
it will take 9 of the 3 cu.ft. bags to make one cu. yd

If you want geometric formulas, then try this link that I pulled off of LS some time ago