View Full Version : Leaf removal- trac Vac or Billy Goat?

07-26-2012, 08:28 AM
Hey lawnsite members,

Looking to add leaf removal to my services provided next fall. Live in FL so the leaf problem isn't major but they do accumulate. I am going to work it into a customers regular maintenance. The yards are less than 1/4 acre with leaves only covering the fronts.

I need input from people who have used either one of these machines. Give me the pros and cons of each unit.

The trac vac looks like it would be much easier to empty out compared to the billy goat, or is emptying the BG not bad?

The self propelled BG... pain in the butt? not bad? Spend the extra money and get one with real tires and a gearbox?

Look forward to the responses. Figure you northern guys will know all about these units.