View Full Version : Ever mix Quincept and basagran?

08-15-2012, 11:44 PM
I was wondering if anybody has ever mixed quincept and basagran before for a blanket app? I do not want to torch my lawn (2 acres). I am not an applicator but I am in the lawn care business and been around all of this for many years so I have learned enough to be "dangerous" so to speak. So here I am turning to you guys that do apps for a living on advice about this possible tank mix. I have very mature crabgrass, clover etc etc along with a TON of yellow nutsedge hence the basagran. Basagran is WAY cheaper than sedgehammer and dismiss ($90 for a gallon) and it is systemic and "should" provide a good kill. I know I will likely have to treat it every year for a few years to have any chance of complete elimination of the nutsedge. I also got a half gallon of MSO which from my understanding works great with quinclorac and basagran.