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08-16-2000, 04:51 PM
I don't know if I'm proud or embarrassed, but this is my 1000th post!

I started in this industry over 20 years ago and I endeavor to learn as much today as I did when I started.

This forum gives an excellent avenue for "real-world" learning and experiences to be shared. All the guys I know who make alot of money in this business are very sharing with information. This forums helps with exactly that.

My goal is that this industry continue to become more professional, more profitable and more rewarding.

08-16-2000, 04:58 PM
Congrats on your 1000'th post, its scary to look at these numbers I know, I see mine raising up there by the week!!

That just means you use your spare time wisely and try to educate yourself and help other starting out or on the "wrong path" in this industry.

With people like yourself around, the industry is bound to only get better!!

08-16-2000, 05:13 PM
Hey Lazer, I had 200 or so post prior to this new software, when we converted over my post total doubled for some reason. :confused: If that happens again I will be really close, but I only have around 200 +, not 400 +.

08-16-2000, 06:25 PM
Chuck, Tell him what he won.:)

08-16-2000, 07:46 PM
I must say Thanks to you Lazer for I have learned quite a bit from most of those posts. Good Luck. Keep posting.

Eric ELM
08-16-2000, 07:53 PM
Guess who is right behind you in posts? You passed me up a few months ago and just plain left me in the dust. :)
Keep up the good work Lazer!!

08-16-2000, 08:16 PM
I better get busy. I'm about to fall out of the top 10. :D


08-18-2000, 12:06 AM
Hey, I'm only 830 posts behind you, Lazer...

Watch your back! ;)


08-18-2000, 01:31 AM

I'm going down in number of posts. :) Went from over 200 before the software change to under 15 with the new software. Lost my identity so to speak. Had to get a new username from Chuck. By the way, chuck was extremely helpful and fast to get me back up and posting, albeit under a new name. :)

Eric ELM
08-21-2000, 12:53 AM
I guess my amount doesn't deserve a new thread, so I'll tell about it here. 900 posts is a lot of key strokes, but I sure have enjoyed being part of Lawnsite. I'm sure if you added the posts I had on the old forum to what I have here, it would be a lot more. I think it was about 1 year ago I joined Lawnicure.com, changed to Hallofforums.com to Lawnsite.com. The changes have been great. Thanks Chuck and the rest of you for putting up with me for so long. It's been a great time. I sure have gained a lot of good friends being part of this group. :)

08-27-2000, 08:43 PM
What happened, Lazer hit 1000 and quit? Where are you??

08-27-2000, 09:04 PM
I noticed that also. Maybe we have a 1000 post limit!

AGG Lawn Maintenance
08-27-2000, 09:45 PM
Well said Lazer!!! As my grandfather always says "
Even after 40 years in the masonary business I am still learning" I agree 100%. Thats what makes this forum great.
I've been doing this for 13 years now. That doesn't mean I can't learn something from a guy with only 5 years under his belt. The real scrubs are the ones that think their #$%!@# don't stink. Way to go Lazer!!! Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance

08-30-2000, 09:17 PM
I was on vacation for the last week +.

Wow, my batteries are recharged but the workorders are stacked up!