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08-27-2012, 09:50 PM
I have a full day job each fall for leaf removal and the over-the-shoulder vacuum Iíve used needs an update. Iím looking at the entry level Billy Goat and Echo Bearcat walk-behind vacuums. The Bearcat advantage is a larger bag, which is good since there wonít be as much volume compression as Iíve been used to having. The Billy Goat has serrated edges on the blades. Iím not sure how much this aides in the compression. Any advice on these two brands is appreciated.

Also, there are optional plastic liners that can be put in the housing. Is this worth the effort? Iíd think you would need to get in there and check it regularly otherwise youíll end up chewing up a damaged liner at some point. If theyíre worth it, is it the same amount of effort to install in either a Billy Goat or Bearcat? Thanks!

08-30-2012, 12:16 PM
The liners are more for sand blasting holes in the housing. If you only use it on leaves it is not needed. If you use it on parking lots and to suck up garbage it is worth it.

Have owned billy goats the handle sucks always remove your bag before putting it back on your trailer cu it will bend. The bags are better but still suck. I go thru 2 a season and they are not cheap! The felt bag is nice but will need to be washed so it breathes and they get dirty fast. Think of the self propelled cuz the bag weighs a ton when full. If you have to push that thing full uphill thru turf would suck.

Try and find used if you can.
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