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Bunton Guy
09-26-2012, 09:20 PM
Is first products the only one who makes aeravators?

I called them for pricing on the 40" & 60" units...they refered me to my dealer in which he did not know the price but kept telling me he just sold a 80" unit for $9,300.

Second off he asked "how I wanted the unit"....I said "loaded in my truck?" "What do you mean how do I want it?" He then said they have 8 different configurations. I didn't know how to answer him? He said you can buy it one piece at a time or as a package?

Does anyone have prices on a 40" & 60" unit?

Also how tough are these aeravators? Pretty rugged? can you turn while there in the ground? Im guessing you have no choice but to go slow as a snail otherwise it can't do its job properly?

Do you charge more then just core aeration?

I feel the extreme need to buy one due to the hard clay soils we have here in the carolinas. Secondly it seems every commercial & HOA property is being done by a aeravator here. I thought maybe im missing out on something.

09-28-2012, 11:59 PM
First is the only maker of the aeravator. I used a 80" PTO driven/tractor unit without the seeder, i think that may be one of the option's your dealer is talking about. They make them for a couple of different machine's, that may be the other option's. There are also walk-behind unit's. I can't help you on the price. They are as tough as nail's. You cannot turn with one down on a tractor, now those little walk-behind unit's might be different. You do have to go slow. They are really better for new install prep than straight aeration, but it can be done. I would charge more if i had to use one of those. You really need to understand that machine before you buy, they are not just a aerator.

09-29-2012, 09:27 AM
these are pretty awesome...