View Full Version : Wanted: Walker MTGHS remote air cleaner parts

10-22-2012, 09:35 PM
Just acquired a 97 Walker MTGHS for homeowner use. Has 780 hrs total time and new 20 hp engine. I would like to retrofit it with a remote air cleaner. (This tractor was manufactured just before Walker began installing them as standard equipment.) I know Walker supplies a retrofit kit (tech support sent me the installation instructions) and I have priced the kit from my local dealer. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to do this less expensively?

Perhaps one of you has a parts mower and would be willing to sell the remote air cleaner parts (such as remote precleaner 7026-2, precleaner tube 7028-1 or 7028-2, air cleaner assembly 5088-12) and mounting brackets in used serviceable condition. Would appreciate any advice you can provide.

12-04-2012, 11:44 PM
If any one else wants to retrofit an older Walker mower with the remote air cleaner and precleaner, here is cross reference information that I found helpful:

Precleaner Walker P/N 7026-2 Enginaire P/N 2-20/150
Precleaner Elbow Walker P/N 7027 Dayco 70855 or Gates 20904*
Air Cleaner Walker P/N 5088-12** Donaldson G042544***
Air Cleaner Cartridge Walker P/N 5090-1 Donaldson P822686
Safety Cartridge Walker P/N 5090-3 Donaldson P535396
Air Cleaner Band Walker P/N 5088-1 Donaldson H008442

* 1975 Ford Mustang II V-8 upper radiator hose
** Includes 5090-1, 5090-3, 5091-11 (Airflow indicator and Nipple), etc.
*** Includes 5090-1, etc.; does not include 5090-3 or 5091-11

(These parts are available from industrial filtration suppliers at substantial discounts.)