View Full Version : Fences and footage rates.

Think Green
11-02-2012, 11:25 PM
I have done plenty of fence jobs and built plenty of gates in my career but it seems lately that things is getting chincy.

I estimated a job for a customer to install a 55 linear foot 6 foot tall privacy fence.
The fence posts has to be hand dug as pine trees, walnut trees, and red bud trees are within 3 feet from the posts...............so lots of surface rooting problems.

I need an honest answer from you members as to the price you would charge per running foot. Keep in mind it will require 6 posts, 6 bags of crete, 12 runners, and using cedar fence boards.
I made an estimate of 875.00 as this is the rate of our big ticket store's who do installations will charge. I did some customer shopping on the phone.

The reason for this question, is the customer of 25 years has never became so dollar conscious as to the footage charge. I know that any of you that has done fence before will agree to the hours needed to do this section.......and no, it is not a straight run, it has 3 right angle side along a bordered driveway.

any and all advise is appreciated.

There is no gate at all!!! This would be another 80.00 otherwise.

White Gardens
11-02-2012, 11:43 PM
I did an estimate for about 60 feet earlier this year, with a gate, ripping out some bushes (easy) for 2500 bucks.

$850.00 wouldn't have even covered my materials.

I thought I was high, but turns out they got other estimates and they were anywhere from 2200-2700. So I was right in the ballpark.