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11-13-2012, 11:46 PM
Was emailed today off craigslist, this guy wants to trade this old payloader straight up for my old bobcat excavator attachment. His story is that he is a welder and a customer couldn't pay him so he got this instead.
Question is whether its worth anything but scrap? Snow warrior? Quick flip for cash(yeah right)? I'll post the pics he sent then the email he sent me about it. I should be getting more info tomorrow. But hes got my interest. I was ready to take 2k for the attachment. Main downside i see is that its gas, old, and 200 miles away. Give me some opinions please!!!
machine runs, no brakes, looks like a regular master cylinder brake set up, i had this for about 3 wks now, i have no interest in it, i did some welding and repair work for a guy, after i was finished he didn't, have the money to pay me so he gave me this loader in trade, it needs carb work,and maintaince. all the hydraulics work, 4 wheel drive works, no major leaks. my friend works for the dpw in town, he said he has the twin loader at his house, he's had it for about 8 years, he paid 6500. back then. which he said was a good price at the time, .. the money the guy owed for the work is about3400. so i figured it must be worth at least that. you should be mechanically inclined if your serious about trading. i'm a welder by trade, not alot of knowledge on heavy equipment.i had it moved on a 10 ton trailer pulled with a 6 wheel international dump trk, i live in west mass, (01096), not sure of the year, i would guess 60 or 70s vintage. when i got it ,it didn,t run. previous owner said it didnt run in the last two years , he thought it had no spark?? i got it home, put a batt in it , it turned over fine , had spark, but no fuel, i sprayed either in carb and it fired over. took carb apart and cleaned it. ( not proffesionally) and put it back together and it ran. i ran it enough to test all the hydraulics. all worked fine, 4 wheel dr worked, steering etc all worked good. it needs the carb prof rebuilt so it keeps running, probaly all fluids and general maint done seeing it has been sitting for a few years, rubber tires are good. dont know if there is a hour meter on it or not, i will look tomorrow in day lite and get back in touch. i 'll get some sort of dimmension tomorrow and see if i can get a pic with my pickup along side to give you an idea of size.
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11-16-2012, 09:44 PM
If you think that you can get enought use out of it I'd take a serious look at the deal. A carb job isn't that big of a deal, you could do it your self if you have the know how. The brakes are where it could end up costing you but on the other hand it could just be something minor.

If you go for it, worst case you put a little money into the carb and you have a neat shovel for around the house or the shop. Best case you put a few hundred into it to get the mechanics up to snuff and put her to use in your operation.

11-16-2012, 10:24 PM
pay someone for the carb, maybe 2/300 bucks tops. brake lines and bleeding is easy, masters can be rebuilt but if pads or drums are gone thats big $$ if they can even be found. those tires are much better than the ones on my big skid steer now lol.

the problem is storage and use. for snow only I could build some lexan windows and doors and rock it but for dirt work I dont really move enough yardage for something this size. mostly skid steer work. maybe it would open a new marker for me rather inexpensively? or probably just get me in over my head. just seems like a really unique cool deal. most trades are crap(had a guy offer me a baby crib for a half pallet of pavers today, no thanks) but I have dreams of being like barter kings with a brand new mini ex with a couple more trades :)

11-17-2012, 07:38 PM
Plowing with that rear steer would be a nightmare. That machine would be good to use around your shop moving stockpile or any type of material/items. Other than that you won't find many interested buyers in a unit like this. If you can't find a use for it I wouldn't rely on turning it over to someone else for an easy payup