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01-28-2003, 08:39 PM
Hustler Turf Equipment is proud to announce the latest in the Hustler walk behinds.
The NEW Hustler Super Walk Behind !!!!
The Hustler Super Walk Behinds will be the LEADERS in the HP category of hydro walk behinds, this coupled with larger rear tires and the effortless H-Bar steering will make this your mower of choice !!!

Your model choices will be the following :

Models and MSRP's

23 hp Kawasaki ES/48” $6295.00 Available April 1st

25 hp Kawasaki ES/54” $6495.00 Available April 1st

27 hp Kohler ES/60” $6695.00 Availability date not established yet.

All of these units will utilize a dual exhaust system and heavy duty canister type filter system.
More specifications to follow soon.
Call your dealer to get your best price.

Of course the standard Hustler Walk Behind will still be available, but we are lowering the price !!!!
They are as follows :

Models and MSRP's

15HP Kawasaki / 37 $5,125
15HP Kawasaki / 48 $5,385
17HP Kawasaki / 48 $5,595
17HP Kawasaki / 54 $5,795
17HP Kawasaki ES / 48 $5,850
17HP Kawasaki ES / 54 $6,050

ES = Electric Start

01-28-2003, 09:03 PM
Pic of proto type

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