View Full Version : Checki& Clean Echo Trimmer Transfer Ports

12-11-2012, 06:21 PM
Another thing that can get clogged on Echo are these gas transfer ports. The unit that had bad crank seal also had one of the four port clogged when I took it apart. That would lower the performance and make unit run hotter. The pencil shows the location of one of the four ports.


This a picture looking down into the trimmer head . You can see where the spark plugs goes. You can hardly see it but one of the two ports are completely closed.


In this picture I run a tie rap in the port that was open the other one is clogged.


As a side note I will be changing from Echo two stroke oil to Red Armour. The dealer says a new oil is coming that is the mother of all two stroke oils and it will be better and a lot cheaper. Dealer will buy in 100 gal containers.

On this picture I ran tie rap through all four ports....I cleaned it out.