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knox gsl
01-08-2013, 01:22 AM
Who uses them and why? Is it a stable outfit that has good support or do wonder when the site will go off line? Do any of you have their invoicing system merged into your website. How seamless is the payment center?

01-08-2013, 01:50 AM
I just added them on Saturday and already have problems. I'm really disappointed because it looks like a great software. I've tried contacting them since Saturday with my issue and no response. If they can fix my issue I'll stay with them if not I guess I'll have to find another software

knox gsl
01-08-2013, 08:40 PM
Was there a resolution?
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01-08-2013, 08:48 PM
Nope. Its a bad company and a bad service. I wouldn't recommend this site to anyone , even if they were running a lemonade stand. No response after 7 emails since Saturday and they even took 3 months advance pay. Going to file a complaint with the states attorney and attorney generals office tomorrow.

01-08-2013, 11:33 PM
I've been using them since last November. No problems here. Really like having access to all my info as long as i have an internet connection.

01-08-2013, 11:40 PM
I really was excited when I read thru everything and when I entered all my info in. Then the next morning I woke up and logged in and everything was blank. So then I tried again and it seems everything is there. But if I check from my home pc it shows everything there from the first time I entered everything. If I check from the library or home pc it shows the stuff I entered the second time. As u seen in other posts I can't get them to email back. There's no numbers for them. I just don't no what I should do. If I started over I don't think there is a way to delete everything and start over. Any ideas

01-09-2013, 12:06 AM
I am not sure what could be causing those issues. Wish I could be of some help. Sorry.

RSK Property Maintenance
01-09-2013, 12:36 AM
I've been using them since november and had no issues. I like the system, I prepaid for 18 months, hopefully there are no issues with it. I just use it for the billing, I don't even offer any customers to pay online, only allow them to by check. It really gives my company a more professional image which is exactly what i want. I was very professional before but now with this I'm one step up.

01-09-2013, 07:36 PM
Yea I just really wish it would work. The thing that got me concerned to why I didn't pay for many months in advance is there is no contacts. There's only there email which they don't respond too. I researched the address and it comes back to a really nice house. But of course its gonna be nice cause there taking peoples money and don't respond back. Hell maybe I should try that. Like I said I thought I was making a step up in professional invoicing and I get screwed.

01-10-2013, 08:12 AM
I have been using since last Summer and truly have had no issues! I don't use the "auto scheduler" program only the invoicing side. Very easy basic set up and "plug and play." I have pre-paid for 6 months and just hoping I have no issues!


01-10-2013, 11:29 AM
But if I check from my home pc it shows everything there from the first time I entered everything. If I check from the library or home pc it shows the stuff I entered the second time. . . Any ideas

I don't use them but it sounds like you need to refresh your home pcs browser. Just hit F5 next time you pull it up.

H & M Yard Improvements
01-10-2013, 02:45 PM
No issues here. I only use it for the billing side of it too!
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