View Full Version : stihl FC75 edger or FC56??

01-20-2013, 11:22 PM
They are both straight shaft edgers with 8" blades same 27cc motor! So what's the difference and the better purchase? The 75 says commercial pro series and the 56 says residential, that's the only difference i can see. Am I missing something? Any tips or advice I appreciate it

01-21-2013, 04:03 PM
Regarding power, the FC-70 is 1.2 BHP, whereas the FC-56 is 1.1 BHP, and obviously the color is different on the two, and the FC-56 has the "Easy-2-Start" system (I'm not sure if the FC-70 does or doesn't have it). Those were the only differences I see.

My personal recommendation would be the FC-90, I have the FS-90R, and it is awesome, the engine is reliable and powerful, and though it is $350, I'd see it as well worth it.

01-21-2013, 05:22 PM
A guy local to me is selling what a FC75 for $125 which I thought was a great price for a stihl, seems to be in real good condition too! The FC56 a guy has for sale in here asking $200 but offering free shipping. I guess I should go with the 75 just cause its suppose to be "pro series" more for commercial use. Thanks for the input