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Davis TLC
08-29-2000, 06:58 PM
I have a bank along a customers fenceline that was not graded properly when the new fence was put in. It is too steep and narrow to get a mower on to cut it. Currently using a trimmer with a blade to cut this area. The customer is looking for a ground cover that will keep the bank from eroding but will not take over her fence.

I was wondering if you guys or gals had any suggestions on what to use.

08-29-2000, 10:00 PM
Blue Rug Juniper-it won't climb the fence.
Asian Jasmine- tough to find; looks kind of like Perriwinkle but I DON"T THINK it climbs.

08-29-2000, 10:07 PM
Some type Juniper and pine needles.

08-30-2000, 09:43 AM
I'll second Barkleymut with the Blue Rug Juniper

08-30-2000, 11:04 AM
I agree....Blue rug is the way.


08-30-2000, 11:12 PM
Juniper or pacasandra.

09-03-2000, 10:32 AM
I did a hill side this spring also. I planted blue rug juniper also. It will not climb up and it will cover the hill in about 2-5 years. I bought mine at the local Lowes store. They were only 4.99 each and if they die within 1 year Lowes will replace them with no questions asked. I put down weed block then planted the shrubs and then put down a layer of mulch. Customer was very happy with the finished look, and no more hillside mowing. Good Luck with your project. Mowman

09-03-2000, 01:07 PM
Hey just wondering what kind of weed block do you guys commonly use?

09-03-2000, 02:06 PM
I have had good success with area like this by planting a HARD FESCUE (not tall fescue) and letting it grow. i treat the area just like a lawn other than mowing. I covers the whole area to limit the washing, it looks nice when weeds are kept out, and there is no mowing. Not sure if the grass grows in your area of country. just another option.

09-03-2000, 02:26 PM
I don't use weed block...unless you are going to put stone on top. Once the mulch starts to decompose, it turns to soil...on top of the weed block. Weeds will the grow in it anyway after a season. Anybody agree ?


Davis TLC
09-04-2000, 01:08 AM

I agree on the weedblock, I don't use it at all unless the customer is just deadset on getting it.

This site is along a county road, so the hard fescue maybe the best bet. Need something that will not need alot of care and still looks decent. Too many deadbeats would drive by and steal the blue rug junipers. Has a fescue cover on it now, just weedy. Customer may have to spray to control the weeds, even though she may not like too.
One end of this bank is steep and the other end flattens out into a swamp.

Thanks for the help guys.

09-04-2000, 01:28 AM
I am strongly hatefull of that trash called weedblock as
it does not work as jeffry states.Hate putting it down
as it always windy when doing it and it doesn't seem to
stop the weeds as they just grow on top.If you get one of
those customers who are dead set on it buy the thickest
one you can, better to work with.

09-04-2000, 04:07 AM
Blue rug is a very good choise but you can use "procumbus"
and do the same with one diff. the procumbus can be trimmed to look like a small hedge a great effect on a slope if you want to be diff.