View Full Version : Self-addressed envelopes, Do you use this?

08-29-2000, 11:07 PM
Just kind of curious how many of you use a self-addressed envelopes for your clients to send your payments.
Myself, I drop an invoice or statement in the mailbox.

I had a complaint about this today from a client. When I told her why i don't provide a self-addressed envelope, oh I didn't realize they cost so much.

08-29-2000, 11:36 PM
We use self-addressed stamped envelopes for our customers. We want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to get payment to us as quickly as possible.

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08-29-2000, 11:53 PM
When I send my monthly invoices out I provide the customer with a self-addressed envelope. But it's not stamped! Your other household bills don't come with self-addressed-stamped.

08-29-2000, 11:57 PM
If you guys are interested I will pass you the information of the company I use that makes me 1,000 pre addressed envelopes w/ your logo for $25 plus $7 shipping.

Quality and quick.


08-30-2000, 12:01 AM
Yes Chuck, Please post that info. Thanks

SJR Lawncare
08-30-2000, 12:02 AM
I do provide all my customers with a SASE, I started this about 3 monthly billings ago. I dont think it helps much though, because the same late payers are still late, & the ones who pay on time are still on time.


gene gls
08-30-2000, 12:02 AM
I use printed return envelops for all except comm acct's and customers with a bank billing service.

08-30-2000, 12:09 AM
ok, let me dig through all my paperwork and find what im looking for.

I will post it here soon.

08-30-2000, 12:25 AM
Yeah my household bills dont have stamped envelopes, but I dont want to be like everyone else. I try to make an impression on every customer.

08-30-2000, 12:53 AM
I send out a self addressed envelope without the stamp with my invoices. I just went and bought a package of label sheets for the printer and did them in Word. Affixed those to the cheapy little envelopes, very little cost (plain text, no logo). I was suprised how much quicker some of my customers paid. I think it's a good idea, customer service and all.

Kent Lawns
08-30-2000, 02:12 AM
Self-Addressed, NON-stamped envelope.

There are certain business practices you learn from big, sucessful (non-LCO) companies. They've studied what's most effective, why re-invent the wheel?

08-30-2000, 11:21 AM
The wheel has been improved many times. I also include a SASE with my invoices, I want to be different in every aspect possible, and people seem to have a positive response when telling about my invoice procedure with the SASE included. Heck, it's only $0.33 cents a month.

FYI, I print all my envelopes which include postage from the internet, no more driving to the post office. It uses my address book in Outlook, prints the name & address, stamp, and bar code which looks very professional. Just select the people I wish to send envelopes to, click a button and it prints all of them. They also have a promotion when you sign up you get between $20-$40 in free postage! It cost me 10% of the total postage or $1.99 a month minimum, not bad!

[i]If you check my home page link below and sign up thru the "Low on Stamps" button you even get an additional $5.00 free postage![i]


08-30-2000, 11:34 AM
All I can say is that $0.33 starts adding up! Screw'm...I don't get prepaid envelopes from any of the people I owe money to (which seems to keep growing :)) so why should my customers get them from me? If they want to save the $0.33 themselves....well...I'm there once a week every week. Now I could possibly justify doing the SASE for one timers such as landscape installs and such.

08-30-2000, 04:49 PM
I usually make labels in Word also. I am shopping for preprinted invoices, statements, and envelopes (billing and return address) I agree that anything you do to keep people from having an excuse for paying late is a good thing. I used to put bills in clients' mailbox, but got a nastygram from USPS saying they would have me charged criminally. It's a federal offense to touch a mailbox other than your own. Another stupid law from DC? Imagine that.

08-30-2000, 07:34 PM
Self addressed envolopes are one of the cheapest things I buy usually every other year , I mail one with each statement but no stamp . I do stamp my return spring sign up letter .

Kent Lawns
08-30-2000, 09:11 PM
With my billing that would add $70/month - over $500.00/year.

I'd rather spend that $500.00 on something else.