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08-29-2000, 11:34 PM
What mowers do all of you have that you stripe with and get quality stripes?Please post thanks.

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08-30-2000, 12:08 AM
Use the search function! All mowers stripe. Most commercial mowers stripe with good quality. There are many mowers on the market.

08-30-2000, 06:02 PM
I use Exmarks that have an EZ striper on both of them and they stripe out awesome!

08-30-2000, 06:30 PM
in order to correctly stripe you must clean all oxidation off of your spindle crank otherwise you will overheat the doggone main bearing shaft wich in return will cost you some serious money DONT STRIPE UNLESS YOU HAVE TO!

08-30-2000, 07:07 PM
Bucktail what mower were you referring to?

08-30-2000, 08:43 PM
Bucktail, great reply. I could'nt have said it better, but what if the carburetor pulley gets too hot?

08-30-2000, 11:47 PM
Hey Eric does your chain stripe kit make a lot of racket when you are mowing and parking it? I mean when you are driving it off of the gr*** on the road does it ting ting ting ting a lot and annoying?

08-30-2000, 11:49 PM
How many of you use striping kits on what mowers, and how many not with what mowers?

Eric ELM
08-30-2000, 11:52 PM
The only time I hear it is when I am pulling on the trailer or off of it against the metal gate.

08-30-2000, 11:55 PM
Eric check your mail and does it ever get stuck in the holes of the gate ?

08-31-2000, 09:05 AM
Would a Stripeing kit be available for a Bob Cat?

Eric ELM
08-31-2000, 09:16 AM
Roller, the chains haven't caught anything since I got this in June. BTW, I only have two pictures of lawns on my site that were mowed with this kit on. 3rd one down on the first page and the one on the striping page. The striping kit helps, but I don't think it's neccesary. It will get sticks caught in the links and I'm thinking of taking it off.