View Full Version : After a Hard-Days work, how do u guys wind down?

Kevin Graham (KG)
09-01-2000, 02:01 AM
after working in the heat all day, what do u do to relax and wind-down?

09-01-2000, 02:34 AM
Sit in our out-door hot tub and drink cold beverages.

09-01-2000, 07:35 AM


09-01-2000, 08:21 AM
shower for about a hour then read the newspaper

09-01-2000, 08:38 AM
An ice cold Miller High Life,the company of my two beautiful daughters and quality time with my wife

09-01-2000, 10:46 AM
After dinner, a nice glass of iced tea and Lawnsite.

09-01-2000, 11:06 AM
well if i was as hard working as u i would say come home long long shower, nice strawberry dachery, while reading lawnsite. now more realistically when i do have a long days work on the weekend or whatever at the farm i come in have some nice pink lemonade cool down and wait for everyone to use the shower cause i take the longest, then we sit and read the lancaster farming journal.

09-01-2000, 01:23 PM
:D :D

and corona on a real hot day and when i feel like spendin alittle more money.......;)

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GrassRoots Lawn Care
09-01-2000, 02:08 PM
Killian's Red Lager, about five do the trick, then maybe shoot some pool. Sleep is terribly over rated.

09-01-2000, 02:22 PM
A few ice cold beers and some good tunes. While checking out our beloved lawnsite

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09-01-2000, 03:44 PM
Get home, make dinner, putter about the garden (!), give the kids a bath put them to bed then check out Lawnsite til the 3 year old stops making excuses to keep geting out of bed then shower hit the hay and *poof* morning again.

09-01-2000, 05:30 PM
Finally broke down (my body) and order a hot tub. That combined with family and a few cold buds will wind something.

09-01-2000, 05:45 PM
Its friday about 4:45 and I just lit up a good cigar (this one's not cuban, but the rest are). The beer will be cold in a few minutes, and we'll relax before everyone heads out (I still have 2 crews out on the road). Then I'll go home and try to get some couch time or play time with my daughters. (I don't smoke cigars at home so I try to sneak a few in at the shop). And, we're closed on labor day this year. Have a nice weekend!

09-01-2000, 10:21 PM
Dinner and cold Molson Golden!!!

09-01-2000, 11:33 PM
I wish I could roll in my money...no just grab a beer and dip into the pool.

09-01-2000, 11:40 PM
Well my wife is a stripper and she invites her freinds over who are strippers to and they perform for me.....or wait maybe that was my dream....HAHAHA!!!!!

09-01-2000, 11:46 PM
I like taking a nice long shower, then hit the hot tub with a nice Miller De-Light, and then fire-up a Monte or LaGloria Cubana. Then its time for dinner and my foot rub. I love it! The foot rub is only a dream.

09-01-2000, 11:54 PM
Enjoying ice cold beer while I pull maintenance on the equipment and get the trucks and trailers loaded for tomorrow. If I try to do paperwork during drinking hours the pen seems to get really heavy!

09-02-2000, 12:41 AM
First thing after stepping in the door is a nice hot shower. Doesn't matter how hot it was outside that day, I still need the hot water. Opens up the pores and makes me feel clean. Then a couple glasses of iced tea. Can't live without my tea.


09-02-2000, 01:26 AM
Usually after cutting grass, I go home and get ready to go work at the Saturn plant for 8 or 9 hours on second shift. I got laid-off in June, just in time for the summer!

09-02-2000, 02:41 AM
My hobbies are drinking and smoking.


little green guy
09-02-2000, 07:26 PM
get home, take a shower, check lawnsite or vise versa and go back out with my friends till morning. I agree with Graass Roots, sleep is very over raterd.

09-02-2000, 08:01 PM
I relax by researching my fantasy football team, and waiting til Sunday for the games.

Beer makes the following day more difficult for me so I will only partake on Saturday night.

09-02-2000, 10:20 PM
Nothing like a few ice cold Bud Lights and a good QUALITY cigar(no plastic tips, here) like a Dunhill or a Punch or an H. Uppman. All the problems of the day seem to just melt away.

Acute Cut
09-04-2000, 01:24 AM
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Acute Cut

09-04-2000, 01:44 AM
Sit down & unwind, play with kids (& wife :)), dinner, maybe take a motorcycle ride, then check out lawnsite in evening before bed.

09-04-2000, 01:55 AM
Jump in the pool, shower, and spend time with the family. I'm really wanting a hot tub, the pool is ok but a real PITA.


09-04-2000, 01:57 AM
i thought you went to home depot seminars.....