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09-02-2000, 01:18 AM
Looking for any ideas on how to prevent paver scuffing. Bomag wants $450+ for a plastic plate. Plywood is just a pain in the @@@. Anybody used conveyer belting? and if you have, how did you attach it. Thanks for the help.

09-03-2000, 10:56 AM
Sorry but we have had problems with using a rubber belt for a pad on out plate tampers. Buying the factory pad is the best way to go much cheaper in the long run.

09-04-2000, 11:44 AM
We use 2 different methods for this issue -

For our Bomag we use the factory pad,

for our Stone we use a 1/4" thick natural rubber sheet. We punch 8 grommets into it and hold it onto the compactor with bungees. Faster hookup than the Bomag pad, but the rubber sheets don't last forever. Total price is about $100, not including your labor. However, because it's rubber, it's returning some of the vibration to the compactor (you can feel it), and I think it may end up shortening the compactor's life.

09-04-2000, 04:49 PM
How often do you come across paver scuffing in a year
SCL and what type of paver are you using.

09-05-2000, 10:36 AM

We do between 8 and 10 paver jobs a year, mostly residential. Our paveloc products aren't as susceptble to scuffing, but our Unilock stuff has a raised irregular face. It's really nice installed but those little white circles make the customers ask alot of questions. With the flat stuff, we just use a little extra sand on the top.

09-05-2000, 10:43 PM
Unilock OGC and others are the hardest to install with their dimpled face and a rubber sheet just lets about 1/4 the force move to the stones plus the wear on the plate is too great(vibations) look for a tire flap that is made of non marking plastic.

09-06-2000, 10:38 PM
I disagree on the amount of force lost through the rubber (maybe 25% lost, not 75%), but agree that it beats on the compactor. For lower budget ops, this was a good alternative for me (before I started raking it in :))