View Full Version : What Exactly Do You Do for each customer and how do you charge?

03-27-2003, 05:36 PM
I want to know what everyone does in various catagories and how and what you charge for each.

1)Basic Weekly Lawn Care
2)Spring Cleanup
3)Fall cleanup
5)Power Racking

I really suck at estimates...I always under estimate for people.

I hate trying to figure out liner ft and deciding on a fair price per foot.

Most of my business is suburban houses in preplanned mass produced neigborhoods with lots of about 1/4 acre to a max of 1/3 acre.

I am looking to expand some of my services to spring/fall cleanups aerating, and power racking and am looking to see what the going rates are so I can be competative yet still make a reasonable profit for myself. I work alone for the most part with occasional help if i need it.