View Full Version : HOW TO SMOOTH OUT LAWN?

09-07-2000, 08:56 AM
Someone told me by areateing twice a year it will help level out lawns. Is there any truth to this? Tried rolling the lawn without much luck smoothing it out. Thanks for your input. Mowman

09-07-2000, 12:47 PM
try topdressing and dragging a mat behind the machine to fill in low spots. This should smoothen out those bumps.

09-07-2000, 07:37 PM
We use a sports turf dressing from a local soil/landscape yard. It is 50% compost and 50% washed sand. This goes down in early Spring after scalping the lawns. We use a large landscape rakes to level it out and then just add water. The compost helps green up the grass and reduces any thatch and the sand fills in the low spots. Sometimes two applications is needed to achive desired results.

09-07-2000, 08:21 PM
When we roll a lawn, we run the sprinklers long enough to get the grass saturated. Then the bumps smooth right out with a pass or two. Don't forget to use flags to identify where the sprinklers are.