View Full Version : Blade Edgers Or Trimmers

04-11-2003, 12:11 PM
Do you guys use string trimmers to edge your lawns? Do any of you use blade edgers(ie: Stihl, stick edger)????

04-11-2003, 12:15 PM
I'm thinking about getting a stick edger, but I do have a walk-behind model. My jobs only require edging maybe, 4 times a year, so my w/b model is doing the job for know.

04-11-2003, 12:21 PM
I was just wondering, I have a stick edger and love it, but I see alot of guys using trimmers to do all of their edging. I need to find a quality trimmer for knocking down weeds on hills, and next to houses.

04-11-2003, 12:32 PM
Walk beind blade edger for overgrown edges but EDGIT on a straight shaft trimmer for everyhting else. Go to ww.edgit.com

04-15-2003, 02:41 PM
I just turn my straight shaft upside down and walk at a moderate speed. It will be a lot less expensive and it looks just as good when u get the hang of it.

Gr grass n Hi tides
04-20-2003, 10:30 AM
I've got a Stihl FC55 edger that does an incredible job. It is powerful and cuts a super nice edge, lightning fast where there isn't heavy growth. Where the growth is heavy, it might take a couple of passes. Try this unit once and you'll be hooked, although you will have to spend a little on it - probably $200 or so.

04-20-2003, 12:38 PM
A stick edger is nice to have, especially while learning, but with enough proficiency with a trimmer, you'll rarely use a stick edger. They'll mainly come in where an edge hasn't been established. Good luck.

04-20-2003, 05:56 PM
I bought my walk behind edger and all it does is collect dust...I still feel to this day that a line trimmer can do must, not all, of your edging. The heavier areas where the sod has grown over, then yes the edger, but other than that no.