View Full Version : price/formula for planting flowers.

04-12-2003, 03:38 PM
I'm new to the landscaping area and have some questions on how to figure what I charge.

My customer needs some plants added to a bedding area and also wants some pine bark added. I told her that I'd charge her time and materials, about $35/hr. Is that too much? I'm a solo operator.

04-12-2003, 04:02 PM
my pricing for flower planting goes like this . I DONT charge a hourly rate , I by my flats of flowers wholesale at $ 7.50 a flat then INCLUDING THE COST OF PLANTS , i charge $ 18.00 a flat to drop them in ground , you can drop a lot of plants in a hr so thats why i do it like this . I have made some serious cash over the years doing it like this and will cont to do it this way . As far as mulch goes ( and depend on kind of mulch ) INCLUDING THE COST of mulch i get $60 a yard to install or spread . If the job is to big say 10 yards on up i sub it out and let someones else do the work then i mark up bill 15 % . It works for me , just my 2 cents ................ chuck

04-12-2003, 04:10 PM
I see nothing wrong with the way you have planned. I, however, have a set price for mulch/pine bark. It makes it easier to estimate that way. Just look at the job, figure how many cu yrds of mulch I'll need and tell them it will be $xx.xx . Doing it your way the cutomer doesn't have any idea how much it will cost and may hesitate to say yes to the job. I also have a set price for plants of any type, weather they are flowers or shrubs or trees. I simply multiply the total materials cost with tax included and multiply it by 3. If you get any jobs that will be more than a couple hundred I'd have the customer sign a proposal specifying what they will receive and what it will cost and how/when they will pay you will. Anything more than a few hundred, I make them pay a 50% deposit. That way if they back out of the deal or drop dead or whatever, at least you've got your materials cost covered.