View Full Version : Anyone know of a striping kit for the Dane Chariot

09-09-2000, 11:06 PM
Anyone know of a striping kit for the great dane chariot? I cant seem to find anything like the roller for the torros or the chains for the dixie's. If ic ant find anythign i think i will just make one.

09-09-2000, 11:23 PM
Im gonna try something on my walker mower for striping. a rubber strip on the bottom chassis of mower, cant run rollers no room

09-09-2000, 11:41 PM
Let us know how that works out. My Walker is just a 42" and
I was considering the same thing but I don't really have the time yet.

I just ordered the roller for my 60" Exmark and can't wait.
Exmark leaves a good stripe already, but the roller will be

09-09-2000, 11:46 PM
hey mbj what i was gonna do is get like a sguigee and mount it to my motormounts if it lasts 1season great for $5 or $10 cant complain, gonna fab one up this week give me your email or check us out at http://www.nebsnow.com/ideallandscaping starting a new web site still under construction