View Full Version : Dealerships for equipment

04-18-2003, 10:31 PM
There are two dealerships in the area, that I can use. One as two locations and carrys JD, Toro, Exmark, and push mowers from Honda, Lawnboy, and Snapper. I seen them do emrgency work for companies that I worked for but have have now idea what their willing to do for solo-ops. The other carries Scag, and Woods, but I rarely see any those products used around here! Most companies here run exmarks. I've never heard anything bad about the other dealer, but would like some advice about which products have better lifetime realibilty, service contracts, etc before I plop down the money. While I can read the company information, I would like the real dirt.

04-18-2003, 10:43 PM
it would be just a trial and error technique...go in there and talk to both of the dealers. Find out what they are like, their attitude towards you and towards the fact that you are a one man operation. If they don't give you the time of day just because you are a smaller operation then find someone else. There are two reasons that I go to my dealer

Reason Number 1: Gives me Personal Attention

Reason Number 2: Gives me Great Personal Attention