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Enviro Green
05-16-2003, 09:58 PM
Just a quick question:

How long did it take advertising and knocking on doors before you were able to generate enough business to support yourself full time by doing lawn care, fertilization and herbicide application to lawns and ornamentals, no mowing? Or, how many of you work at this full time and how many are part time?

My wife and I are working toward this full time, so we eventually have our own business and get to spend more time with our little girl (and more to come) without punching in and out....

Just wondering, I am knocking on doors and working on marketing, but it is slow.....


05-16-2003, 10:04 PM
how much do u need to make?

Enviro Green
05-16-2003, 10:09 PM
I would like to net 1,000,000.00, but I could survive off a net of around 35,000 for the first year on my own, working toward a net upward of 50,000.

I now make around 35,000 at a regular job, and do this on the side. I dislike my job and love lawn care and landscaping, but there is a tremendous amount of competition in the area.

Of course, these are just rough numbers. I could live off a net of 26,000/year at this time.

Grossing about twice that, I guess.


p.s. I like your posts Bobbygedd

05-16-2003, 10:16 PM
if u like my posts, your the first of your kind. netting 26 should be easy as pie. i think i did that in march/april/may. but why no lawn cutting?

Enviro Green
05-16-2003, 10:21 PM
I do like your posts, and especially your pricing....

Today, as with many Fridays, I counted the number of lawn mowers on the back of trailers behind cars, trucks, station wagons, and rickshaws. I think even the Amish in the area are mowing lawns! I counted eight sets in the ten mile drive a do home from work. It just seems like there are so many folks out there doing it, underbidding, and making it very difficult for someone like me to compete, however, I do understand the thought about quality not price, but many are interested in price. Also, since I have been working it limits my time to cut grass, being weather dependent.....I have thought seriously about quitting.....and want to....just a little nervous about the leap....

What about marketing?


EG (john)

05-16-2003, 10:35 PM
look, im not about to quit my full time job, however, i may end up getting fired. i took off 3 days this week to finish my lawns, and do two landscape jobs. my pricing? i think my prices are very fair, others here think im high. i cant seem to understand why. there is alot more to doing this than just spraying , or applying. there is diagnostics, research, alot more involved than just applying. not to mention the legal part. i was shocked to hear from most of my clients that their last guy did not provide proper notification, safety data sheets, nothing. this is all part of the job. also record keeping and storing those records, etc. there is alot to do. doing apps for what most guys are charging turns out to be chicken feed when all is said and done. at those prices why bother. marketting? i advertised for only fert programs, didnt get far. all of my fert programs are for customers we cut for. my advice, u want to take the plundge? cut grass, fertilize, do it all.

Enviro Green
05-16-2003, 10:39 PM

I have been leaning that way, it seems that full service is the most attractive to the homeowner as well....

Perhaps I should start looking at mowers and surfing the others forums here....

Thanks Bobby,


05-16-2003, 10:41 PM
if u need help with pricing just ask me. ive got a great formula

Enviro Green
05-16-2003, 10:44 PM
Hey, I'm not asking, I am asking nicely (note that is a bit different from begging....)

my e-mail is jandrfreeborn@msn.com

I really appreciate it,


05-17-2003, 12:19 AM
26 to 35 K a year? What, are you planning on working 2 to 3 days a week? (Because it could easily be done in this time, based on 6- 7 months out of the year)What are you going to do with the REST of your time? You better hold on to the mowing a little longer, and just phase out of it like I am doing. Oh, I'll always have the equipment for cleanups, and a few "select" jobs that I'll do, but other than that, no more mowing. As far as all the mowers on trailers you see,... I know it's discouraging,.. but unfortunately, and I hate to be the realist and the bearer of bad news,... but the same thing is going to happen with chemical. Sure, any moron can take his or her Craftsman mower or Lazer, for that matter, (and we are SEEing it, scrubs with Lazers around her, - beLIEVE ME) and go out and cut some grass. Well, about twenty years ago, everybody started jumping on the bandwagon, and the price structure hasn't been the same since. There are apartment complexes that are paying now what they paid 15 - 20 years ago, and there are high end neighborhoods that I blow flyers out of the bushes that say the same (If not lower). Well, unfortunately, we are starting to see the EXACT same thing in the fert. and chemical industry that we saw in the mowing industry 25 - 20 years ago. There is NO doubt about it. And the bad thing is, the more people that get into it, the more people SEE people getting into it, and so we have our slippery slope. Sure, it takes a bit more capital to get into it, it CERTAINLY takes more brains, more experience, and even more red tape to go through, but I think we are still going to see an onslaught over the next ten years. It is ALREADY affecting the price strusture of the industry. Just ask some of us privates who have been told or seen the bids of some other "competitive" services. Another example (as extreme as it seems), is CL/TG. These guys all of a sudden over the last two years are taking a "we will not be undersold" stance in the deal. These guys can actualy be talked down to prices that are unheard of for us privates to do as a QUALITY service. I put down quality material, with quality workmanship. Yeah,... I could do 30 dollar aps all day using straight N like big green does, but this is not the road I choose to go. I have a great reputation, and this thing is really catching on and taking off. I am just blessed to be mentored by an ex- golf course superintendent. But still, there is already so many people out there spreading this and that, that aren't even licensed, or they're just spreading fert. to make a quick buck, just watch and see it won't be long. I am "intrigued" even to see some of the questions that come up on here, about "what should I put down for this or that,"... and "I've already put this down,.... how long do I have to wait?" Watch and see gentleman,... it's not going to get any better.....

05-19-2003, 06:49 AM
The reason they can be talked down to an unreasonable price is because they make it up somewhere else just like Wal-Mart. A solo operator can't do that as easily.