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06-13-2003, 08:32 PM
We demo'd a Dingo the other day. It was the narrowest model they make since we have to get through lots of narrow gates. The dingo was impressive except it doesnt lift quite high enough place soil in the back of the truck.

We are considering ramps for the truck but they would have to be able to support the 1800+ pounds of the Dingo. Others have suggested getting a dump trailer, but I think thats a little overkill.

Any suggestions? We don't want a bobcat or similar skid steer because they are too big(believe it or not) for our applications. We specialize in townhouses and small residential properties with difficult access.

AL Inc
06-18-2003, 05:30 PM
Georgie- I rented a RamRod (similar to the Dingo) yesterday. It was a lifesaver. We are doing a retaining wall in a backyard, and we are working around an inground pool. Very tight access.
Rather than have 3 men and myself move 15 yards of soil with wheel barrows, I did it myself with the Ramrod. This freed my men to work on the retaining wall. I was also able to bring the wall block right to them so they could keep moving. Great little machine.

I brought the machine to the job in my 16' enclosed trailer. I was thinking this would be good for you, rather than have to deal with ramps or a dump trailer. The machine, attachments and all of your tools can be locked inside, safe and out of the weather. I bought the trailer last year, it has made us much more productive-less wasted time at the yard, and no more trips back for tools you forgot. Let us know what you decide, good luck, mike

06-18-2003, 05:52 PM
We demo'd a Finn Eagle yesterday... it has a Cat diesel engine and is much more powerful than the dingo or ramrod, but is just as small. So we are going to purchase that one.... hopefully we will hear tomorrow as to whether or not the financing went through. I don't know about the trailer though... the Eagle with three attachements is going to set us back about 19 grand and I dont know if I want to fork out another 2 grand for a decent trailer.... I guess I'm just a little nervous about that.

AL Inc
06-18-2003, 06:22 PM
Georgie- Sounds like a nice machine. Good luck with it. I know about being nervous about the big purchases, I'm in the market for a skid steer right now and that's a big step for me.
I just keep thinking about my first new dump truck that I bought about five years ago. It was a ton of money and I was so nervous about buying it. Well, I took the plunge and the truck has been great. The truck has made money for me and wasn't worth me worrying about.
Just think about how much labor($$$$) that machine will save you!Good luck

Strawbridge Lawn
06-21-2003, 09:37 AM
I have used the Dingo many times. Very Good, But IMO limited due to a few important factors. Low ground clearance. I am talking mainly about the wheeled units. With a load in the bucket the machine is heavy and will sink. I found the machine bottoming out while transporting material. Been a wet year here and if I owned one I prob would not have been able to use it. I am looking into compact Kubota's and JD 4WD for better clearance. A slight dacrifice in lift capacity, but I lift and spread mainly mulch and compost. Just something I have nted about the Dingo

07-04-2003, 02:47 PM
If you move a lot of material in confined spaces have a look at http://www.easternfarmmachinery.com/scripts/catalog.pl?F=H&K=Catalog%3AIndustrial%3AMini%20transporters&V=Brief&R=H%2FCatalog%3AIndustrial&ID=0515132414647131182
we run three of them and they have been a real labor saver.