View Full Version : What do u guys think?

06-14-2003, 11:10 AM
I just started this job and i was just wondering what u guys thought in terms of the price? Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated?

1 clean up site ( removal of concrete and some existing landscaping)

2 Purchase and spread 119+ yrds shreaded top soil

3 Purchase pipe ($1000) and install. The pipe is 300+ ft at 8". There is also 5 boxs drain to install.

4 Installation of 120sq ft "patio" that includes a waterfountain bubbling from the center at groundlevel. this includes moving 4 large boulders weighing .5 to.97 tonnes ( any sugestions)

5 Build all beds(not sure on sqft but its a lot)

6 Purchase and install 520 plants. Ranging from 200 shrubs, 10 large trees, and the rest perrenials

7Lay 1400sqft of sod

Im sure there are a few things i forgot. I'm estimating 21 10 hr days....at best. thanks Ill try to get some pics