View Full Version : Snow in June!!I got a picture.

06-15-2003, 10:31 PM
I live in the Green bay area, it gets cold here and it also can be known for wild weather. I just have to show you what I am up against. Its summer snow.:cool:
Took the pic today June 15, 2003.

Whatcha think??

06-15-2003, 10:59 PM
I think I never wanna live there. ;)

06-15-2003, 11:08 PM
I love it, can't wait till winter:)

CO.d 502nd
06-15-2003, 11:14 PM
looks like some of the cottonwood we been haveing around here .

06-15-2003, 11:15 PM
Ok........................back to plowsite for me.....

06-15-2003, 11:16 PM
We've been getting snow here since last week already. Outrageous, isn't it????:D

GreenQuest Lawn
06-15-2003, 11:53 PM
Yea cottonwood snow....yeehaaa. Up the nose, binds up with the grass clippings and makes a complete mess.

06-16-2003, 12:07 AM
Originally posted by CO.d 502nd
looks like some of the cottonwood we been haveing around here .

Yep, that's what it is.


06-16-2003, 12:32 AM
Where the heck are there cottonwoods around there? That place looks like it was built on an old corn field or hay field. I was guessing a lime application?

06-16-2003, 06:51 AM
Ya can't fool all the old Pros just some of them.

This subdivision was built in an old farm field. The pic is taken looking southeast. To the north there is a huge stand of cottonwood trees that was the field boarder. That junk was flying everywhere.

Cottonwoods and weeping willows are two trees that should be classified as big weeds with bark.

CO.d 502nd
06-16-2003, 08:53 AM
I have a couple of accounts with big huge cottonwood's ,i have no choice but to bag em .It looks absolutely terrible side dischargeing all that cottonwood fuzz.
That fuzz gumms up and looks *****

06-16-2003, 09:27 AM
cottonwoods are not...just the suggestion of JUNE SNOW is YUCK!:help:


06-16-2003, 01:46 PM
cottonwood :D