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06-19-2003, 01:37 AM
Last week I got the chance to rent a Hustler 60" mower for a few days. Over all I like the machine. It is a simple design that works well. There are things I liked and disliked. I liked the way it handled hills. Very stable. Parking break awsome, deck height adjustment awsome 5" down to 1" Cut was ok, I Put a 60" dixie blade on top and this helped out alot. Things I did not like was steering lever dampers suck, Way to stiff and slow in reverse, The rear tires need to out wider to the edge of the deck. This would help the appearance, and rides alot rougher than a dixie. But I would consider buying this machine if it were alot cheeper than a dixie. But if going to spend the money I like the choppers better. The hustler seemed better suited on smaller or hilly properties. It seems easier on the turf and around trees and hills. But when flat out mowing larger areas it was just simply out classed by the dixie. The mower had a 23 kaw and with the doubles on it turned them fine no problem. It seemd to turn the better than my 25 hp Dixie, But mine is a Flatlander which takes mower power to run the pumps pushing the faster wheel motor. But it is my second choice and I my look foe a used ond that would be cheeper and use it on my hilly stuff and as a back-up. Here is some pictures, of it striping, Mowed one 5 days previously by my chopper so the stripes were not really burned in yet so this shows that the hustler is a decent striper.

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Looks great. I have a Super Z 60" 25Kaw. I love the heck out of it. Stripes like that on first cut. You should have demoed the Super Z instead of the regular Hustler Z. The Super has the suspension seat and bigger pumps. It will run they say 15mph but mine will run 16. I have no complaints whatsoever. The hustler consultant on here posted a free demo stripe kit to first eight hustler owner who posted. Wants us to check it out before production. Posted day before yesterday so I'm hoping to have in a week or so. I run gators on top of stock high lifts. Works like a charm. No clumps in wet or tall grass. Less clippings too. I mowed in the rain today and was cutting 9" grass at 3.5" and running about 8-9mph in a field and was like it was dust dry. Not a single clump. Deck also stays cleaner. Didn't have to clean after mowing today, I was amazed. My dealer says he has rode a 40% slope and it stuck like glue. Only had 30-35% in my lawns. Does great. Again, that looks great.

06-19-2003, 01:56 AM
Just saw your other pics. The super as well as the new hustler has the wing on back with the Donaldson cleaner. Alot nicer than the old ones.

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last one

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Is that your yard? If not, then that would be a heck of a yard to get. I'd love to have about 20 like that. Looks great.

06-19-2003, 12:09 PM
What type of grass are you mowing .. how high are you mowing it ... is it cold weather grass or warm weather ?... thank you for your input...

06-19-2003, 03:36 PM
Nice stripes luckylawnboy! Is that all the same lawn? If so, what an awesome yard.

06-19-2003, 04:00 PM
Originally posted by luckylawnboy
Things I did not like was steering lever dampers suck, Way to stiff and slow in reverse, The rear tires need to out wider to the edge of the deck. This would help the appearance, and rides alot rougher than a dixie.

The kicked in rear tire allows a GREAT trim side offset! Wish my Lazer had an inch or two more!

DC's haven't had a trim side offset since 1998 or so on the FLATLANDERS only. (Which I had) They then went to FULL WIDTH tire track widths. Makes trimming around a tree ring almost impossible withough jabbing at it!

I'll take a kicked in trim side tire any day over the way DC does it now! :rolleyes:

Steering dampners are great! I'd also take them over the DC loosey goosey sticks!

06-19-2003, 07:36 PM
Dixie Chopper offers a variety of wheel bases. You can get the wheel base like the lazer or the wide wheel base. The new silver eagle is one example of a narrow wheel base and the xt has the wide wheel base

06-19-2003, 07:58 PM
The lawn was seeded by my self last August 15th 2002 with Lesco 30%rye/70%KBluegrass. I mow it at 3.5 inches and it wants to be mowed higher. I have to mow it every 3 days. I do all the fert apps. using Lesco Products. About the trim side, that is what Weed trimmers are for. This wide stance is what makes Dixie Stripes look so good. Well one of the things. The lawn is my Parents home. I consider the lawn mine since I bought all the seed fert etc. Plus did all the work. I tell them if they make me mad Im getting the sod cutter out. HAHAHA.

06-20-2003, 12:21 AM
I purchased a new one last week. It has the wing and the donaldson air cleaner on top. After running a 1995 toro groundsmaster for the last 8 years, this hustler is like a caddy.