View Full Version : planting pacasandra

Vandora Lawn & Landscape
09-27-2000, 10:23 PM
I'm new to landscape installations. How do you plant pacasandra? Depth, spacing, anything else?

09-27-2000, 10:31 PM
Pachysandra are to be planted 4-6" on center. Depth, plant so that mulch will not smother crown of plant (leave raised a little). Does well in shade but Ive seen it in sun too. Well watered I guess in that site. If you wish fert. with hi P for good root growth.

Vandora Lawn & Landscape
09-27-2000, 11:21 PM
Don't laugh please :) Which part is the crown?

09-27-2000, 11:30 PM
Crown- n. That part of a plant where the roots and stem meet, usually at soil level