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lawrence stone
09-28-2000, 11:29 AM
If I had irrigation on this site it would be 10x better.
A three week drought in August really hurt.


I also put up 10 more pics of the Jersey Cape that I was holding back.


If anyone is interested in me providing them with a promotional CD-rom to show to prospects I will be available
in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic from Thanksgiving to Christmas. And in January from the carolinas thru FLA.

A package starts a $500. I will take photos of your equipment and pics of your best jobsites then make
a Cd-rom presentation with pics, movies, with dialoge and
background music.

E-Mail larry237@altavista.net if interested in a professional quality production at a resonable price.

I will have sample presentations available for download off the net soon so you will have a idea of what you will be getting for your money.

You can show this presentation right on your laptop or just send a copy to the whales in your area. The cd will extract and play in any windows 9x and up puter.

This should double your closure rate on any cold calls.

09-29-2000, 08:24 AM
Nice idea, BUT, many of the lawns will not look their best in the winter. The pics need to be taken when they are activle growing and a nice deep green.

09-29-2000, 10:59 PM
Looking forward to it!