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07-08-2003, 12:10 AM
how much of a better cut do u get when using magna-matic blade sharpener? we have for the longest time just used a typical grinder.. i've looked at an cut from old blades that i grinded to a point and then put them against brand new blades and it looks the same.. no real difference.. i don't understand why a blade sharpener would be nessorary.. can some explain?

07-08-2003, 01:24 AM
Hello Jeff_0

The reason for a lawn mower blade sharpener is to:

Ensure consistancy of re-sharpened blade angle
Create a sharp edge
Dramatically reduce the time it takes to re-sharpen a blade. approx 60 seconds.
Make the job of re-sharpening very easy so anyone can do it.
Provide a SAFE TOOL for re-sharpening
Prevent from burning the blade

These reasons above mentioned pertain only to Magna-Matic sharpeners - other blade sharpeners cannot provide all the items in this list of reasons.

A typical grinder will do the job, but total free hand grinding is difficult - not everyone is steady enough to hold the proper angle by hand. Also the job of re-sharpening cannot be done as quickly with consistant quality with a plain grinder vs a Magna-Matic.

One thing to also note - most lawnmower blades when they are new have a 20 degree angle on them (a more shallow angle / knife-like). Magna-Matic sharpeners have a reference point angle, where when the grinding wheel is almost touching worktable (no matter what wheel diameter) you are at 30 degrees (a steeper angle / more axe-like).

A 30 degree angle is better cutting, longer lasting edge angle than the shallow 20 degree. With more material behind the edge supporting it - it is more resiliant to wear.

Let me know if this has answered your question, if not please ask again.

Thank you,