View Full Version : Any one from Lansing Michigan area?

Eager Beaver
09-30-2000, 11:12 PM
Just curious to see if any one is from the Lansing Michigan area that is using this forum? This would be a good networking tool to help each other out not only in the lawn care end but also in the snow removal area.

Grasscape Inc
10-01-2000, 01:46 AM
Flint, MI

10-01-2000, 12:22 PM
New business in my first year not going to do snow removal at this time But I am down here in Niles, Mi

Jim Corcoran
10-02-2000, 12:11 AM
Probably will not plow this year.

10-02-2000, 08:15 PM
I'm from the Flint area, but I used to do an apartment complex in Lansing. It was part of a multiple property account.