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10-03-2000, 11:38 PM
When you buy a new machine is it shining, did they armorall the tires, make it spotless. Or is it just assembled and sold????

10-03-2000, 11:46 PM
I dont want my tire armoralled just assemble and time to get dirty, we just wash equipment once a week to keep a nice apperance.

10-04-2000, 08:00 AM
I buy the optional paint protection, pin stripe, rustproofing, and scothguard on the seat.

10-04-2000, 02:26 PM
For the most part all of our purchases are just "Clean". Not too fancy with armor-all or anythinng like that.

Jac: you should go the extra mile and get the air conditioning and little chino balls to hang from the deck. (I'm looking for those now)


River Hill
10-04-2000, 02:51 PM
You guys should see my Turf Tracer HP, I had the dealer set it up real nice for me. He put curb feelers on it so I don't scratch the wheels, fuzzy dice on the right grip and a disco ball on the left, and he also replaced the gas tank cap with one of those crown air fresheners.

I added the gold license plate frame and low profile tires. If I could just find a way to install a boom box so it rattles the windows of my customers, they would never have to complain about my mower noise again.

I am going in for the air brushing next week.

Turf Kutter
10-04-2000, 03:13 PM
Lol Brians and Green Keeper.:D:)

10-04-2000, 05:35 PM

My neon lights are on order and should be coming in this week :D


10-04-2000, 07:20 PM
as for me I wanted washable floor mats but,all i got was a metal jungle jim!!!1

River Hill
10-04-2000, 08:38 PM
I just read a post about chrome wheels wait to you see the spoke wheels I ordered for my Exmark. I know some of you guys have hour meters on your mower, I have a big 12" wall clock hanging on a gold necklace off of my speed shifter, that what I use is a hour meter. I also just ordered gold letters so I cant put my name down the side of my deck and a horn the plays music.

If you ever want to see my mower just go on downda sickamo street. (That is down to sycamore street.) If you did'nt understand what I was saying.

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Five Star Lawn Care LLC
10-04-2000, 09:29 PM
just yesterday i installed a 12 inch lift kit and 44 inch mud boggers on my dixie, im planing to replale the kohler with a 454 as soon as winter comes. NO MORE GETTING STUCK IN WET FIELDS FOR ME. now i just have to figure out a way to keep the turf from tearing.

10-04-2000, 10:49 PM
The deala' didn't hook mine up, yo. I had to doit myself. I'm gonna go peel his cap for em, for rippin' my azz off like dat.

I jus got done waxin' my ride with the Mutha's. It's the $hit yo. It takes all dat nassty grass stains right the f off. http://smilecwm.tripod.com/ruinkai/biggrinpimp.gif

Im gonna get me some of those "Bulldog" wheels for this biotch whenever I find some jack. Its gonna look sweet. That and some big fatazz whites.

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